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Haven't given bub much tummy time Lock Rss

Hi all,

I've just been reading some of your posts re. tummy time and I'm ashamed to admit that I've given my daughter all of 4 sessions of tummy time in her 3 months of life so far ( 2 of those sessions have been today and yesterday).

She really doesn't like it and can't really lift her head off the floor....she plants her face into the floor about 70% of the time and I get worried that she can't breathe. The rest of the time, she manages to lay her head to the side. Needless to say, she's there for like 2 minutes before she starts getting annoyed and cries.

Has anyone else not given their bub much tummy time for the first few months of their life? I feel neglectful!
Don't feel neglectful. Theres not a lot of point if bubs doesn't like it. If it stresses them, it can't be good for them. My bubs was like yours and hated tummy time so I tried it every now and then, but she usually did what yours does. Once she was around 4 months she would be happy for about a minute or 2 and then want to be on her back. Then one day she started enjoying it, coincidentally - this was when she could hold her head up for long periods. She managed to get the muscles to do this without me enforcing regular tummy time sessions. They will develop in their own time, no matter how much we try and set up their surroundings so they do it quickly.
Just go by what you think. If bubs doesn't like it - don't do it. Babies are very genuine in what they are feeling. If they don't like it, its for a reason.
Don't feel pressured to do it by anybody!! You know your bubs best!!
Hi there - dont feel neglectful at all! But i will give u some ideas to help with tummy time, that might help u and bub enjoy it more. Put a rolled up towel under the armpits/chest to help keep bub from face planting, and using your hand apply pressure to bubs bottom - this will help her keep her top half up as well. Hope this helps u - my bub hated tummytime till a nurse gave me these tips. She probably wont want to do it for long periods of time, i have read that its the equilalent of us doing pushups!
Thanks OC and Jen, I don't feel so bad now!

I was going to do it every day because I felt I was the only one NOT doing it amongst the mums but hated doing it because she did and she seems to be really uncomfortable. I'm gonna give the tips a try Jen, for when I DO give her tummy time but at least I know not to stress if I don't do it on a regular basis.

Appreciate the help!
We found that DD loved lying on DHs chest, so they would both lie down (chest 2 chest) and watch tv, she would look around 4 a bit and then fall asleep... great way 2 get that tummy time in without putting stress on DD. Also if we put a boomerang pillow under her, her head over the edge (at the bend) we got down below her so she could see us even if she was looking down, then we slowly moved our heads up, so did she (sometimes). We only do it 4 about 30secs at a time.
Don't worry about it if she doesn't like it, it doesn't look comfy 2 me.
Angus hated it as he has reflux, so I'd try to get one go of maybe 3 mins once a week. Once he hit 3 months, he started to roll by himself and was able to hold his head up properly on his front. Since then he's loved it. I did feel really guilty at first and worried that he wasn't holding his head up like other babies, but in hindsight, if I had pressure on my tummy and felt like throwing up, the last thing I'd feel like doing is baby pushups!!!
Don't feel bad at all! My son loved tummy time and did it every day almost from birth (don't worry I'm not bragging, I have a good point). I was so concerned about doing the right thing that he was on his tummy constantly. Hardly any of the others in my mothers group did it regularly. Now they are all 18 months and my son (who was also the second oldest in the group) was the last to sit on his own, last to crawl, last to walk. So my point is I don't think it made the slightest bit of difference. It was good that he enjoyed it but they all develop at different times and there's only so much you can do to change when things are going to happen.
Hope that helps.

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