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How do I trim her toenails? Lock Rss

I have a 5 month old daughter. I trim her fingernails by nibbling them, but how do I trim her toenails? I have managed to trim the big toes by having my husband hold her, but we can't trim the others because they are so tiny and she wriggles so much. I can't do it while she's asleep because she's a very light sleeper. I haven't trimmed these toenails (besides the big toes) until now. Should I have done it by now? They haven't grown much compared to the big toes. Any tips on how to trim them?

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

Hi Carra
Have you tried to get your husband to trim them while you're feeding her? I found that when Olivia is on the breast, she's very relaxed and Geoff holds her little foot and gently trims them with nail scissors, although i think you can get special baby scissors (but I don't have them).

Hope this is helpful Carra

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

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