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what happens in swimming lessons? Lock Rss

Hey all,
I would love to know if any one has started swimming lessons, and what they do? I am really keen to take my little man to the pool, because we often go in the spa at his grandma's house and he loves it! bath time is his best time of the day, i just know how much he would love going to the local pool. But dont know if it is worth going or not as he doesnt understand whats going on yet, so would he know what to do with swimming? is it just a social thing? or do they actually learn things?

Thanks -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

from 6 months on they recomend it for water awareness - its about teaching them to keep their heads up above the water and not drink the pool smile
In the class where my bub goes they first teach them to jump in with no devices and cling to the edge of the pool. Two of their students had fallen into pools fully clothed on separate occaisions and had been found clingly to the edge ewaiting for help.
charlie is now two and by going weekly since 9 months she is swimming in the big pool for "big kids lessons" with just her bubble( they start with floatie and a bubble and work their way down) and is very confident around water (does the funniest dog paddle ever). She had no tears when she transitioned into the big pool without mummy or daddy. Its a bit social but a good class will also make sure they progress with their skills. even the babies have to do a certain set of activities with their teacher. Our center does free private lessons to transition them into group lessons without mum or dad.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Hi Princess (I love Star Wars too) !!! Our DD has started swimming lessons and we all love it. I was amazed as she watched the older kids and then copied them. I've never seen her to that before, got it on video too. It is lots of fun as well as teaching them gradually about water safety (how to swim). At the moment we do lots of different games to nursery rhymes to build confidence in the water. Its always debatable, but it is incredible when you see little toddlers chucked in a pool. They don't panic, turn around, swim to the side of the pool, grab on to the side and lift their head up to breath. The beginner lesson we are in is teaching them the basics of this principle - like dunking, holding onto the side, kicking etc. As they get better at these actions they will start linking them together. Its a well thought out program and I am really impressed.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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