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ideas for my daughter's bag to take to child care? Lock Rss


My 10 month old daughter starts child care in 2 weeks and apart from the obvious (bottles, sunhat, change of clothes), what else should I be putting in her bag which will go along with her?

Nicola - I have to pack her bottles, formula, dummy, change of clothes, sunscreen, beanie, hat, jumper/jacket, comforter and 2 nappies (plus supply 2 boxes of tissues when she started). The daycare Mia goes to supplies nappies but you have to pack one for them to come home in. They should be able to give you a list of what to take.

Don't pack anything you don't have to and label EVERYTHING. I see little notes every week that say things like "plse return purple fairy jumper" or "2 Av3nt bottles are missing".

Hope this helps.

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