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Great for nappy rash and sore, red little bottoms Lock Rss

we have used Sudocrem since Liam was just a few weeks old and aside from the thrush he had we've never had a problem. Had it in the hospital but wasn't picked up, I ended up with it on my nipples also. Quite painful.
If its thrush i found I had to treat it orally as well as on his bum and used Nilstat drops in his mouth and Daktazin on his bum.
I have friends who swear by Bepanthern. I've found the thicker creams were better at protecting against red bottoms as they stayed on longer.

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My Son Nicholas has had extremely bad nappy rash & everything I used it never really seemed to clear up. Anyway my health nurse suggested Daktozin & it cleared within 24 hours. It's quite thick & a bit messy to work with but as you say Kristy, it stays on longer & provides a great barrier on their bums!!!! I use curash also & whenever he gets red I just use the Daktozin again & away it goes.

Michelle - Mum to 2

i have not heard of that one we use desitin or hydrozole

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Last week Liam has a really red botom as he's cutting more teeth. The sudocrem wasn't getting it any better, but no worse either, paw paw ointment wasn't clearing it up either. We had to swap the wipes we were using to the J&J as they're softer than the Hgs, as his bum was so sore they were stinging it parts had even cracked and were bleeding a little bit. But we also used the Daktozin and it cleared up in 48 hrs completely. Its too expensive to use all the time but when redness creeps it it shuts it out.

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Hi Everyone,

Another thing i have found with nappy rash, is that wipes make it worse. Whenever my kiddies have a red bottom, i automatically avoid wipes. I just use warm face cloths and this works great for me.


PS, don't forget to air bubs bottom

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

its funny that i just came across this post as my mum told me to go get ungvita for bennetts ezcema. I've bought in and tried it and boy does it stink gasp( smell wise I mean I haven't found it to be that good on his ezcema yet but have only had it for a few days but I think it is too smelly to use all over his body.

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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