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Baby Bath wash What do you use Rss

The post on clothes washing got me thinking

What baby bath/body wash do you use

I use Huggies Lavender and Cammomile and use the same moisteriser I love the smell and it makes Lockys skin soft

Johnsons and Amolin (?) I think thats what its called and one starting with G (cant remember the name) all really dry Lockys skin out and give him rashes

What does everyone else use
I use Huggies Shea Butter I love the smell mmmmm I even use it myself and with all the other kids. And for almost 7mths after DD#2 was born I used it as a shampoo for me as all shampoos were irritating my scalp and the huggies wash didnt
Cheers Ness
oh heck, am I supposed to wash my kids? That may be why they're so damned dirty... bugger... thought I had it all worked out.
Lol TPot

Just take em out side and spray em with the hose or wait for it to rain
Thats what I do with the older two but since the bubby poops on him self regulary I thought I better wash him, when he can pee in the yard hes on his own
I used to use J&J baby products till i heard some not so good things about them

Now i use (other) products...
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at home we use (other brand) bath but last time we ran out they didnt have this one at the shops so i had to get (other brand) or whatever its called! lol!

but we keep a lil bottle of huggies one (total bath or whatever... the blue one!) in olivias nappy bag in case she needs a bath while we r out, or if were out late!
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Hi Cindy,

I use (other brands). Funny thing is Johnsons baby top to toe bath gives him a rash. Guess they must have diff things in them.
Huggies and (other brand) are good too.

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i use (other brands) everything else dries out his skin
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I can't use any soap products on DD as she has sensitive skin so I use Ego QV Wash.

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi! I use sorbolene cream on my 15month old, Seth. He had really dry skin when he was born and the health nurse suggested to use it. I already used it as a face wash for myself so we had it there to try already. It doesn't have the lovely smells of the baby washes, but I'm not fussed
I use the top-to-toe stuff. I'm wondering if I should buy shampoo cause she has so much hair lol.
I use (other brands) in my DD's bath and shampoo for her hair. The shampoo smells beautiful!
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