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4 month old routines. Lock Rss

Hi, i am having alot problems at the moments and pulling my hair out, so i am interested to see other peoples routines for their 4 month olds.
Mine are bottle fed.
Thanks Shelly.

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

twins?? what a handfull!!!! I have 17week old son who is now bottle fed. our routine statrs at 6am.
6am: 200mls of formula then bed.
9am: 200mls of formula, play with mum/or dad for 30mins, left alone for another 3o min for own play, then bed around 10.30
12pm: 200mls of formula with rice cereal, then same routine as above
3pm: 200mls of formula, then same routine as above.
6pm: 200mls of formula with rice cereal, bath, book then bed.
He uslually sleeps for 10-12hrs. But the last week he has been up at 2.30 am( I think it was a combination of his needles and teething). Now he is back to his normal night sleep of 10-12hrs.

I'm not sure if this helps, but this routine has worked for benjamin and myself. Demand feeding did not suit my son as he slept up 7-8hrs at a time during the day and only have a about 2-3 feeds /day. The he would play catch up with his feeds at night for hours. No-one had any sleep. The midwives in hospital told me not to wake a sleeping baby... he will wake when he is hungry... I rang trecillian and they adviced me to wake benjamin every 3 hrs for a feed during the day, he wakes himself around the designated times.I'm not sure if this an appropriate feeding routine, but I am going to try at stretch his feeds now to 4 hours...
I truely believe bubs need a routine for feeds and play time. But , it also gives my husband and I some quality time together!!
good luck

karlie. 15month old two foot terror!!

whatever we say of course couldn be compared to how exhausted u must feel with twins!! but they're so adorable arent they??
well i have a 4 mth old rotine is prety basic & simlar to the replies u got from most day starts 7am i feed every 3 hrs....started him on solids so give him only breakfast...introducing vegetables with rice cereal coz he just hates it on it's own.nurse told me to start with vegetables.
my advise to is to get babies used to be being on their own to get used to amusing themselves.i once read in the dr spock book,if u get baby used to being amused y u & alays playing with him...he actually forges to amuse himself & demands ur attention constantly.however always put them somewhere where u can c them.i always put yaseen in his play gym all day in the iving room where i can c him from kitchen.he plays,sleeps,cries..etc..of course evry once & a while i go play with him...make him laugh...etc.another thing is ging out s much as u can or even for walks in the calms them down.ets the used to be out going.puts them to simply has many benefits.ust try to stablish a routine & dont folow feed on demand coz it wont work for u secally with twins.ull feel much more organisd & relaxed.
wish u luck:)

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

Hi Shelly,

At 3-4mths my DD was waking up at 3.30 - 4.30 having 150ml then nappy change & back to bed. (i'd made this feed fairly serious & quiet)
8.30 150ml-play-sleep
12.30 150ml-play-sleep
4.30 150ml-play-sleep
8.30 150ml-play-bath-quiet time-bed

She started to sleep longer and longer till she started waking up at 6.30 - 7am so now its 200ml at 7am, 11am, 3pm & 7pm then bath & quite time then bed at 8.30ish. I still do the feed-play-sleep but it's more like play-feed-play-sleep.
I let her set the times i just offered food 4hrly.

I don't know if that helped.

The only thing i am strict on is sleep. From about 5 wks i've put her to bed awake no patting or rocking off to sleep. Now she is a dream to put to bed, just a cuddle with a little rocking & sometimes maybe a bit of humming or quiet singing (only for about 15 seconds) but i say "it's sleep time now, sleep tight" then she will go straight to sleep. But i always try to put her to bed awake.

let us know how you go or if you have other questions.

NSW, DD May 05 grin

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