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when is the best time to put baby to sleep in his wn room? Lock Rss

am i too late?hey guys ...till now im still working on my son's room coz im trying t find some decent nursery decorations with reasonable prices.i'm new to al this & dont really know the good plaes to uy this stuff...would luv some help with that asojust a reminder,i'm in melbourne.well i went off main concern is that my baby is still sleeping with me in the same room.i movd his cot into our room & he's still with me till i finish his room.honestl speaking im kinda making it an excuse to setch the time he's with me coz im so worred & paranid to leave him all alone,specially that his room is on the other side of the house.i wanna know is it safe?is it time?would appreciate ur opinions guys
randa...yaseen's mommy:)

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

We put our bub into his own room around 6 1/2 months. Our reason was that I am breastfeeding and he seemed to think that if he was in our room sleeping that meant constant access to my boobs!

Once we moved him into his own room he wakes only once a night or sleeps through, so as I said that was our reason for putting him in his own room. Everyone is different though.

You can actually buy a breathing monitor that sounds an alarm if baby stops breathing. Not sure how much they are, I do know they don't come cheap though. But if you are concerned for bub it might be something to look into.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi yaseen's mommy,
I put my bub in her own room at 10 weeks, as she started to be disturbed by us when we talked or rolled over in bed, etc.
I always intended to put her into her own room at 6mths (I think that's what SIDS recommend) but for the sake of precious sleep we moved her earlier. At first I was so anxious, i dont think I slept properly for a couple of weeks and I tiptoed into her room all thru the night to check on her, but after a month or so I realised that if she really needs me she will cry loud enough for me to hear no matter where I am. And I personally felt that if something happened to her and she was right next to me, but I was asleep, how would I help her anyway? Now she's 9mths and I close her bedroom door fully! She often wakes but puts herself back to sleep.
Moving bub into his own room is never gonna be easy, but I think if you are happy to have him in your room, and he's happy too, then there's nothing wrong with it. Your bub is only little so if you want him with you, then just reassess again later.
Re nursery decorations, you can buy removable stickers (nemo, pooh, etc) from Babies Galore and they cost about $29 for a packet, can also get wall borders that are removable too, I think its about $29 for 5 metres.

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

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