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any tips fr teething.itchy gums Lock Rss

he guys does any1 have any magical teething tip other than traditional teething rings,boonjela or infant's friend 4 mth old is so irritable these days.he bcomes so miserable & just roles over with both hands in mouth & constantly crying.i havent found a decen tething ring that he can grasp o coz he stil keeps dropping them & cant really put it in his mouth properly so ends up more frustrated.i do it 4 him sometimes,but cant do that all day.any special old fshioned tips just new to everything..thanx guys

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Gummy teether (looks like a dummy on the outside and a mouthpiece on the inside, great for applying gels with, can also put into freezer).

2. Brauer teething relief formula (natural)

3. Muslin cloth with grated apple and cloves (give to baby to suck on, the cloves work a treat).

Hoping one of these work for you.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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