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how do we keep play gyms clean & germ free? Lock Rss

hey guys my yaseen practically lives in his play gym.i put him in it all day in the living room.he luvs it & i can c him from the problem is keeping it clean.i used to wipe i with disinfectant every night or when he brought up some i ust give up.he just keeps rolling over.drools all over it,burps up some milk on not happy with having him on it knowing it's not i put a sheet over coverd up all the colourful textile but what the heck...but it doesnt stay on properly coz he's really moving around now.any tips?thanx guys:)

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

Hi there,
I used to worry about this too, but as soon as they get mobile with crawling, rolling etc they will pick up everything from the floor and into the mouth. I used to buy these pine-o-clean wipes and just give it all a wipe-over every few days - so quick/easy. I think it's good for kids to have some exposure to germs anyway, but obviously clean up vomits etc. I don't worry too much about the drool tho. I just clean the toys once a week (even less nowadays!). I don;t think he will get sick smile

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

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