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Just a broad question that i am curious about....
I was talking to my mum the other day and i remarked to her how much more "high maintenence" my second daughter is compared to my first (don't get me wrong, i could still do alot worse), and told me she has this theory that second babies are always harder than the first and that if we had our second babies first we wouldn't have anymore. Whilst i wouldn't go that far, it got me thinking and from talking to certain friends and family members, i have found this is nearlly always the case. It doesn't change how i feel toward my youngest, i love them both the same, but she is much more demanding, with me doing the same things as i did first time round.
What does everyone else think?

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Personally I think it is different for everyone! I am the other way around. My first daughter was harder work from the word go. She had feeding problems, colic, sleeping issues and is generally more demanding.

My youngest has been a great feeder, sleeper and didn't suffer from colic. She is also a lot more placid and easy going and only cries when there is something really wrong.

Overall the oldest one seems to get more of my attention these days!


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i have heard this too my sil had a dream 1st baby and nothing but hassles with no2 she said if no2 was the 1st born there would not be another my 1st son was a great sleeper & feeder but no2 was not but when he was 13 months old i had no3 i dont know why ids who are treated the same turn out so differntly its just the way it is!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi there im new to this so im not sure if im posting in the right area yet so fogive me if ive done wrong. I have just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago she is my 3rd child i have two boys 11 and 3 and she is nothing like my boys were i really am desperate for some help and any advice. My problem with her is she gulps on her bottles of milk i bought her happy avent bottles using the new born teats and she cant keep up with the flow of milk for some reason she chokes on every mouth full and get heaps of wind. The hospital have given me their nuck teats that they use and im finding she tires too quickly and cant finish her feed sometimes it takes and hour to get 100 mls into her ive tried the nuck new born teat from the chemist thinking theyd be the same as the hospital and she chokes on them aswell. Consequently through all this she now has developed colic and she cries something shocking from 11pm till 5 pm. I dont honestly know what to do for her any suggestions on what other bottles i could try with her i need to try to find a teat thats not too fast and yet not too slow either she seems to not get how to breath suck and swallow at same time and feeding her has become stressful not only for her but for me cause she scares me when she gulps on her feed and chokes. Takes forever to get her wind up too now cause she gets so much of it from gulping. If you can or any one else suggest something anything id really appreciate it.
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