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Tips Lock Rss


I thought that it might be a good idea to get some tips on stupid things we've done, to avoid someone else doing the same thing

Mine is:-
Don't steam the formula container (the one with three sections) in the microwave, they melt!!!

Your post made me laugh, I remember when my oldest son was a baby my friend had a baby the same age. The kids were playing with a Magic Rattle Pooh that come out a few years ago. I was living with my parents and my mum seen my friends baby put the rattle in her mouth. Whe my friend left, Mum took the rattle and put it straight into the steraliser. After 8mins, went to get it and it was warped all over the place!!!

Anyways, mine is:-
Always make sure the front door is closed properly. When my oldest was 13 months the austar guy didnt shut it properly and I didnt reliase. I went into the kitchen for 2 seconds and my boy had gotten out - I thought it was the Austar guy as he was installing the satelitte, but when I reliased it wasnt, my little boy was wandering off down the street. Very scary, I was so lucky...
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