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bub scared of motorbikes, trucks and boats Lock Rss

Hi all,
What can i do? My little man is scared of the nosie that motorbikes, boats and trucks make. Which makes it very hard as we ride dirt bikes and my dad drives a work truck (sometimes brings it home) and our family has a fishing boat and also a ski boat.
I have taken him on a motor bike but it wasn't turn on just rolling, And he was fine. He hasn't been in the boat or the truck. When they r started he starts crying and screaming When the bikes r running, When we start the engine of both boats (he is inside) the boats (outside), when my dad drives up the drive way. .... He gets really scared
Its now sking season and we take the ski boat out every weekend and i can't go, i have to stay home or get my mum to watch him.
My sister said to take him in the boat, but i'm to scared to take him in incase something happen, he has a life jacket but still hasn't been used.
With the dirt bikes we have a 50 (which is really little) and he like's it as long as its not on.
What do u think i should do?

Maybe you should see if u can get some little ear muffs/plugs. My little one was ok with loud noises but at 8months she started bawling her little eyes out when she heard power tools and other loud constant noises like that. Maybe it hurts his ears

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

my oldest was like that, he couldn't stand any loud noises and damon is abit the same. My daughter never had the problem and when i thought back to being pregnant i realized that with the boys i was never really around any loud noises. But with Briana i was living at my parents and there was always one power tool or another going on.
i found i just had to introduce mitchell (now 7 yrs) gradually and now he nicks off with my dad's cordless drill. I would just sit with mitch inside with the glass door shut and every couple of days move closer until eventually we made it to within a couple of metres of whatever power tool was being used until he got used to it.

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