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Swimming Lock Rss

There is probably a post somewhere already re: swimming, but I'm curious as to what people put their babies in when they go swimming (the weather is getting warmer)? I know there are the 'little swimmers' but how effective are they at keeping accidents in, and not getting waterlogged??? My daughter is 5 months at the moment. Any suggestions please?

I took my little munchkin in the pool on the weekend for the firt time. I used the huggies little swimmers then over the top a pair of swimmers (full costume). Had no worries and they didnt leak but he was only in for half an hour as he got cold and tired.

Siane Brisbane lil boy born 14/05/2005

Hi Emmy's mum,

My little girl was 6mths when we took her to swimming lessons and we use little swimmers. I found them great in terms of accidents. We always changed her into them at the pool and took them off as soon as she was out. Also had no problems with water log. We also bought her some togs to put over her as well. First a full piece and now a rashi vest with bottoms.

Hope this helps

PS: She only used one per swimming lesson, but we always took a spare one just in case.
We've been going to swimming lessons every week for nearly two months now. My DD wears the Little Swimmer nappies - they are fantastic. They don't become water clogged at all. I have not come across any little one yet that has done a poo in them. They are fairly tight so I think would easily keep one in.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


My friends 18month son was swimming with the little swimmers and he did a poo and their were no leaks. I am also a swimming teacher and all the babies that come to the swim school wera these and none of them have ever leaked!

Kristy NSW Mum to Aneika 22/6/05 and Perry 02/04/

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