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Taking my 8 months old baby to child care center Lock Rss

Hi there

My baby girl Jasmine is turning 8 months old soon. she is growing up so fast.
we are going to take her to child care center on monday for 4 times a week.

we live in sydney, it is long waiting list for child care center, i rang up 4 days ago to see any space available for early next year( i have to go back to work on next Febuary.)
I don't know it is luck or not,
They just have one space available now.
On this stage , they don't know what happen to next year, maybe it is another 6 months or more waiting list.
we got no choice, so we decide to take this space.

I am so worry about how she can cop with this.
Will she be ok there? will she feel lonely without mummy next to her? will the child care carer try to settle her to sleep like the way I do ????????
so many things I am not sure ... ....
I am strugglling .... i even have bad dream....
Sometime when i look at her.... my tears is running down and i can't stop crying. i am so worry about her.i can't image the day i drop her off the child care center and i have to leave her there......
oh my little precious little girl

all my friend tell me, don't worry , she will be ok.
but i am still very worry .
is everyone can share your experience or adive for me

Thank you

Jasmine 08/03/05

Dear Grace my name is Kallie

Before having my first baby I worked in childcare for 7 years. My last job was working as Groupleader in the Nursery Aging from 6weeks to 15 months. Giving you a veiw from a teachers point I would say to you that babies do handle being away from mum better then you would think. If you write down your daily routine and her likes and dislikes, I am sure they will try to implement your routine into theirs as they must have a flexible routine anyway. I can understand how you feel about what happens when you leave, ask your self some questions about the centre, How do you feel about the teachers in her room did you feel you could trust them? Do they have a caring nature towards the children? While you are home I would go and spend different times in her room you will soon find out if you are comfortable or not.

If you have any questions it doesnt matter how silly you may think they are always ask them.

Hope this may help............

Kallie, proud mother of Bailey

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