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Do I need 2 change tables? Lock Rss

Not sure really where to post this so I've also put another post in other places..... I have a daughter who will be 19 months old when her brother is born and I was wondering what do you do with the change table situation....Do I need for each of them...because she still gets her poopy nappy changed on her table and I don't want to go into her room at 3 in the morning and accidentally wake her up because i need to use her change table for her brother. What have you guys done?

I bought a new mat thing and had it set up in another room (actually in the living room) so I could do late night changes there without disturbingthe older one sleeping. Not a whole change TABLE, just the mat, I had it on the sideboard with a supply of nappies and wipes and change of clothes in a nice box so it didn't look too messy.

Quite handy too cos can keep an eye on the older ones when you are changing baby, and not leave the room for 5 minutes and come back to a war zone.

good luck, having them close is lovely. It's hard when the new born is so demanding, then it gets really easy for about 12 months, then it gets harder again when the little one starts to assert him'herself. After that, I don't know yet!! Let's hope it gets easy again!!

3 girls under 3

hi,what i did was i put the change table in my room and when dd was old enough i put it in her..why dont you do the samething in stead of getting two of them

micheal 4 years old racheal 2-5yrs

I would just use the 1 change table does not really matter where u put it (mine is in the bathroom) but if you need to change the older ones nappy then just use the floor and lay them on a towel..

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

hi,i have 17 months between my two, and i brought a 2nd change table. only a cheap fold up one. our house isn't big enough to have one in the bathroom or any other room fo rthat fact so 2 was definetly easier.
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