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Diahorrea!!!Going INSANE!! Lock Rss

My 9 Month Old has had it for a week, went to the doctors and he has told me to stop ALL foods for today and tmw! IHe also so said to keep up fluids and 60ml Of Hydralyte every hour. My Little one loves her food. Has anyone else been told this B4! She is already been on INFASOY Formula so we havent had to change that..
I say we will have a sleepless night....
I feel so sorry for you. I hope she is feeling better today. My friend's 8 month old had diahorrea and she was also recommended to stop the solids. She did and her little boy coped ok and still slept soundly. It is worth a try I guess.


Hi Ada,

That was me the week before last. My 8 1/2 month old son had the gastro virus for a week and has just gotten over it last Wednesday thank goodness!! I also had to remove him from all solids (and his formula too unfortunately). He was also throwing up constantly.

I fed him fruit gel as this was the only thing he could eat and keep down. He also wont drink water or juice so this kept him hydrated without having to drink as much. At least you can still give formula that would help with hydration.

You may find the fruit gels on option to try. Good luck.

PS Now my hubby has it OH DEAR! I dont know who was worse for my sanity!!

Kara, NSW

Now i have it,,,,, Been in hospital ALL day ...
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