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Anyone used the Aromababy skin care Lock Rss

HI guys i normaly use the Gaia baby skin care creams for my daughter and they are really good but i think i am getting a rash on my hands from it so i was thinking of trying the Aromababy or innoxa baby stuff has anyone tried these?

Thanks ellas mumma
I use the aromababy barrier cream,it is a beautiful product & smells devine,i sometimes give DD a massage with it & after a bath i put it under her arms,neck,cheeks & legs.
I have used it since she was born,so the smell constantly brings back beautiful memories of when i first brought my baby home smile
Hope i have helped in some way!!


I've used the Aromababy non soap bath cleaner and liked it, however, Chelsea developed eczema so I stopped using it. I'm not sure if it made any difference, I didn't notice any once we stopped, but thought I'd better use something else instead.

Chelsea's mum 6mths
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