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5 months old and separation anxiety Lock Rss

Hi, is anyone else experiencing their baby's having separation anxiety? My 5 month old daughter refuses to go to anyone except me, not even her dad. Every time I leave the room she cries. I went out the other night for coffee with a friend. Mirabai stayed ant home with her dad and 3 year old brother and screamed the whole time. i walked into the house once she saw me she started smiling! Her father was furious!

Anyone got any suggestions or experienced the same thing?

Hi Spiv,
Is your daughter ok with her dad if you are in another room or outside?
It could just be that your partner lacks confidence in what he is doing with her also when you are not there.
Sometimes Gabrielle is like this but as soon as she sees the face of someone she knows, she is fine.
Hope this has helped.

Kirsten, NZ, Ella 02.10.1997, Gabrielle 20.06.2005

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