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My little Angel Lock Rss

hi, i am a young mum of a 10mth little girl, she won't sleep in her cot at all, i am looking for sum suggestions.... she has always slept in the middle of myself and her daddy and everytime she falls asleep i place her carefully in the cot but she wakes up and screams and cries and stands up and jumps till she is taken out, it can last over an hour till i give in.. i never used to mind her sleeping wit us but now she lies all over me and pushes me out of the bed.. anyone please help haha

Jess, nsw, 10mth bub

As hard as it is maybe a little tough love over a few nights might do the trick. It would be good to have a chat to your CHN as they might have a few more soft approaches for you to try.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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