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8 Year gap!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone!!
Interested in hearing from mothers who have a huge gap between each child..As mentioned I have an 8 year old-girl and a 5mth old boy.
And no u dont forget about the sleepless nites an dirty nappies etc etc...

Love 2 know how 2 weigh out my time a little better for my daughter so she doesnt feel left out.

Look forward to hearing from anyone!!!


Hi I have a 15 year gap between my son and my little girl (10 months), He is great with her and she loves spending time with her big brother. she will just sit and talk to him and follow him around the house.
And you are right you dont forget about the sleepless nights, it just takes you longer to get over them..
Maybe as your daughter is still young you could have some special things for her to do with the baby, Like at bath times etc. Or maybe she can read a story for the baby, even though he is only 5 months old it might make her feel good, then have something special each day for you both to do when your bub's is asleep.

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

Hi there Rach,
I have 2 girls Tayla is 9 years old and monique has just turned 9 months old.
I try and involve Tayla with everything so she dosent feel left out. But at the moment we are going through a jeolousy stage i think.
Look forwards to chatting to you
Take care


I too have an 8 year old (Vanessa) and a have a 6 month old (Tahlia). Vanessa is fantastic with Tahlia - no jealousy at all but she does get left out as I spent a lot more time with Tahlia than I do with her. I think because of this reason she is starting to back chat. We go through it 3 times a year (backchatting) so we just get very firm with her for a week. Once she knows she's not getting away with anyhing, she goes back to normal.

What we do for Vanessa is during the school holidays, we spoil her. Take ehr swimming, ice-skating, take her to the beach, get her pc/xbox games and videos. That way, she knows every couple of months she will get her turn! It is hard though and I can understand how she feels.

Where abouts are you?



My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

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