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need tips for keeping girl nappy rash free Lock Rss

Hi my daughter seems to have nappy rash constantly. I have tried Sudocream, bepathem and am currently using daktozin which is $10 a tube and I don't really want to keep buying that. ANy suggestions for keeping her dryer and nappy rash free?

I use Am-o-Lin cream recommended to me by my MIL and have never had the slightest hint of nappy rash yet. I have started only putting it on last thing at night. I think some kids are more succeptable to it though.
Hey There

Try to use something more natural on your baby's skin. Thinkgs like lucas' paw paw ointment, vaseline, bepanthen etc. aren't natural, and create such barriers to the babies skin being able to breath that they can't heal. Look for gentle products like Natures Child bottom balm, Serf to Surf TUSH rash balm (has hemp seed oil and calendula + others in it - I love it!), and aromababy's nappy balm. They don't have petrochemicals in them like a lot of mainstream ones do, so they are based on natural ingredients, and can sooth and help heal gently, which forming a fine barrier to irritants, and still allowing the skin to breath. Let me know if you have any trouble finding any. [email protected]
We have only had a couple of nasty rashes in 4 years/2 girls worth of nappying and they were associated with poos and teething.

The biggest problem with my first born was due to commercial wipes. I found that only one brand didn't cause redness. We now use cheap face washers with warm water (much nicer than cold wet wipes) and some chamomille tea during those few bad times.

Changing from soap based products in the bath and shower has also had a big overall impact for our eczema prone skin with no outbreaks on my first born since we switched 2 years ago.

We only use creams if there is a sign of redness after a toxic poo and by the netxt change it's gone so I'm still using a tiny sample tube from the Bounty bag. We've found there really isn't any need to use a cream at every change unless something is causing a problem.

Recurrent rashing can be thrush so check with your Dr. or try an over the counter anti fungal for a day or two to see if it improves.

For the record we only use washable nappies now but did use disposies part time for about 8months with my first born and all the same things applied then too.


Hi there my suggestion is don't use any wipes with proplyene glycol in them as this is toxic and will dry out and irritate bub's bum. try and steer clear of anything with chemicals or fragrance in them. And yes paw paw cream fixes almost ANYTHING Hope this helps


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