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wrapping/unwrapping Lock Rss

hi all! now i know there are a few posts on thsi already but i cant find em!
I wana know how u unwrapped bubs, how old and any tips?
Dylan will go to sleep at bed time unwrapped ( ash did too) but i cannot get him to sleep day unwrapped and if i put him back to bed unwrapped after a feed at nigth he wakes in a n hour or so to be wrapped? any tip??

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Ashtons Mum
I wrapped my bub for all sleeps until about 4 months, but he got very wriggly so at night we now put him in a grobag, and during the day we just wrap his body and legs - not arms. To get to the point where we could leave arms out we started with one. Joe sucks his thumb so we left that arm out first (for about a week) and then we moved to leaving the other arm out also. I thought that it was going to be hell and was prepared for nights with no sleep but he actually did really well and I worried for nothing. Probably didnt give him enough credit. Joe is now 6.5months and we still wrap his body during the day (he will sleep with out it but not for as long) and has his grobag at night.
Good luck!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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