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Hates The Car Lock Rss

Hi All.

Does anyone elses toddler / baby hate the car?? My husband and I just dont bother going for a drive on the weekends because both our 9 month old and 2 year old hate the car. We have tried putting a big bag of toys between them, feed them before we go, tried everything and they just both cry, whinge and carry on even if it is a 20 minute drive!! This is frusctrating as we would like to take them for a drive and take them places on the weekend. HELP
My BIL and his wife had the same problem with their daughter but she wouldn't just whinge she would SCREAM. They ended up buying one of those portable DVD players (back when they cost $600) and it worked a treat. They haven't looked back and their daughter is now 2 and a half.
My SIL had same problem too but she breatfeeds her daughter to sleep and hopes that she stays asleep. now 12 month old has hated the car since we turned his seat around at 5 months. It's been a nightmare driving with him ever since. We too have tried many things but nothing has worked. He doesn't like kids music either (Hooley Dooley's, Banana's in Pijamas, etc). Only likes the Black Eyed Peas! and that's ok for 10 mins before he screams again. Haven't tried installing the DVD player yet, but maybe that's the next thing. Let me know if anything works for you as we too try not to go for drives...Tash
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