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Starting in child care Lock Rss

I'm going back to work in Jan, so my babe (who'll be 8 months then) will be going to child care two days a week. I'm just wondering how others have gone with introducing their babe in to child care. Did you just leave them for a whole day to start with, or a few hours and slowly build up the length of time?
Hi Mel

I haven't had to put my son in child care as my Mum looks after him the 2 days that i work.

But I used to work in a child care centre for 6 years and we always encouraged the Mum's to leave bub for half a day to start with for a couple of weeks BEFORE you start work, to let bub (and Mum!) get used to it...gradually building up to full days.
I remember a lot of Mums would stay the first time too.

Good luck smile
Hey Mel,
Jordan is almost 15 months, and he started cc a month ago, not cos i work, i just wanted him in there for social parts and also cause i have a new baby...
i send him 9-3 or 9-2

He went wonderful, but hes also a very independant boy...

it all depends on what bub is like...
maybe try for a few hours 1st time and see how they go....
then build up.....

good luck..

Tem,QLD, Mummi 2 Jords, 26mths, Tirra, 14mnths

Hi Mel,
My girl is starting childcare 2 days per week in January also. She will be just over 4 months old by then. I am not starting work for her first 2 weeks so I can leave her their for shorter hours probably 9-3 ish. then in her 3rd week she will go for longer probably 7.30- 5 ( when my husband can pick her up)
The centre we are going to told us to come in any time before the end of their year (ending this week) for Charlotte to spend some time with them and they can find out what her routine is. I think this is also to allow me to adjust to letting go and step in if their are any major melt downs. Call your centre and see if you can come in this week to spend some time with them.
I know that Charlotte will adjust really well, I will be the one with issues.
Good Luck

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

Thanks everyone for your replies. I took bub down there earlier this week just for half an hour and left him while I read a magazine in the staff room - they said he was fine. I'm going to take him back early next week for another short visit, then later in the week he starts 'proper'. He'll have two sessions before I actually start work, so I'll make them half days and when I start work I'll work shorter days to start with (I love a family friendly workplace).

Thanks again
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