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Would like to hear from mum's and dad's who have had their baby boys circumcised. Lock Rss

Hello to all mum's and dad's,

I am 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and am trying to get as many views on circumcision as possible before my husband and I make our final decision. We are leaning towards the idea of having it done for so many reasons, but I would love to hear from others who have had it done and why.

Also I am in Queensland and was wondering what methods are used here.

All replies gratefully appreciated.

My son was circumcised when he was 4 weeks old, he is now 7 months old. He had numbing cream on the area only as he was too young at that age to have a general anesthetic. It was over with in only 2 mins. I waited outside in the waiting area while my husband went in with him. I think I was more of a mess that he was afterwards, but it really isn't that bad at all. He only seemed to be uncomfortable for the first couple of days then he seemed to heal very quickly after that. We had to apply vaseline (or similar barrier cream) to the area after every nappy change and every bath for approx 10 days to keep him dry. Plus no tight nappies for the first couple of days.

I think there are different methods of circumcision, which you must speak to a paediatric surgeon about. It is certainly a personal decision whatever you decide to choose.

If we have another boy, yes we would certainly do it again. Good luck!

Mum to toddler

Hello Maddychelle at last I get a chance to help you out!! I usually dont engage in this debate as it is using a witch hunt in this site with some poor mother being crucified for answering someones questions. It is a very personal decision and to each their own. We had Caleb done when he was 4 weeks old. In the beginning it was more my husband wanted it done than me but I guess that is just a mum thing (dont want to hurt your little baby) We spoke to a brialliant Dr at Macregor not far from Garden City. His name is Dr C. T. Russell (he uses Terry his middle name as his first name) his number is 33496444. Dr Russell has received an Order of Australian in honour for his work in this field. He uses the Plastibell method which is a small ring which fits inside the foreskin over the head of the penis. A ligature (string) is tied on the outside of the foreskin, so that the foreskin is compressed between the ring on the inside and the ligarure outside. The benefits of this method are 1. The clamping cuts off the circulation to the foreskin so that it should not bleed 2. Again because the circulation is cut off, it is difficult for infection to ascend beyond that point. 3.The clamping also cuts off the nerve supply so that it should be quite painless afterwards. 4. Because the Plastibell is sitting on the head of the penis, it accurately defines the level at which the circumcision occurs. No dressings are necessary. You can bath him normally, and the ring drops off of its off accord several days later. We had it done for many reasons in the end - hygiene, less chances of contracting a STD(including AIDS and Hepatitis), less chance of penile cancer and research also should uncircumcised boys had a 20 times greater risk of Urinary tract infection. Smegma, a mixture of old mucas and dead skin cells, can aaccumulate under the foreskin. It will always accumulate under the foreskins of uncircumcised boys. It acts as a focus for infection, but even more importantly it is the presence of smegma when they are young that predisposes to cancer of the penis later in life. I recently saw an interview with a professor from one of the Uni's in Australia who said recent research also showed that women who are sexually active with males who are not circumcised had a large increase in chances of contracting cancer of the uterus. Yet again due to the hygiene factor. The removed skin is donated for research into skin cancer which you have to sign a release form to give permission to use this skin. In our first appt with Dr Russell he sat down and gave us information and was very helpful, open and honest. He examined Caleb and agreed to do the procedure. He explained to us to apply a generous amount of EMLA anaesthetic cream (supplied by Dr Russell) to Calebs penis and wrap it in Glad-wrap (to keep the cream in place and not out in the nappy) 2 hrs prior to our next appt. This cream works for around 4 hours afterwards. We were also advised to not feed Caleb for 2 hours prior so he was less likely to wee, poo or throw-up. We went back the next day for the procedure. When we arrived the nurse came and took Caleb saying to get his bottle ready as he might be hungry. We waited outside for around 5 - 10 mins and then Caleb was returned to us. He had cried (wet eyes) but was not crying when he returned. The baby has to be held very still which they do not like and this upsets them as well. We fed Caleb at the surgery and then left for the day. Caleb was fine so we went to Garden City for lunch. He never cried after it for any reason relating to the procedure. We had to apply Betadine ointment for the next 2 - 3 days to be sure it didnt get infected. The plastic bell fell off in around 4 days and everything was fine. We returned to Dr Russells for a check up about 2 weeks later and he confirmed everything went well.
We were warned about some boys developing a pad of puppy fat in front of their pubic bone. This means the the puppy fat pushes the shaft skin forward so that it overhangs or even covers the head of the penis. If this happens (which it did in Caleb) every day when we bathed him we had to make sure the shaft skin was pushed back firmly towards his pubic bone because 1. Smegma may accumulate in the edges 2. If left undisturbed for more than a day or two the skin can reattached. This happened to Caleb so when he was 12 months we had to return to Dr Russell for him to fix this. This wasnt very nice and it did hurt Caleb. He did settle down very quickly. Saying that we didnt personally experience the original procedure so perhaps Caleb reacted the same way then. It will be one of those mysteries. This was 2 years ago and it cost us $375.00 for all the appointments(including the check up) and the procedure and got $129.10 back from medicare. The Plasticbell cost us $35.00 which you can not claim. Dr Russell sees patients from all over Australia at his surgery. He is very busy so it took us 3 weeks to get an appointment. I am sure if you would like more information you could contact the surgery and they would send it to you. I have known a few males in the past that had torn their foreskins and had to have surgery later in life. A friend of mines son's (not circumcised) foreskin attached when he was around 7 so he too had to be circumcised which involved a general anaesthetic. Just a thought I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a solicitor and he brought up a point, with all the law suits these days one would have to wonder if a son would bring one against his parents for having or not having him circumcised..... So that is about all I can tell you. If I can answer any other questions maddychelle please just let me know. For anyone reading this as I said before I am sharing this as the question was asked. I am NOT saying this is what anyone should or shouldnt do. This was my husband and mine experience and our personal choice. I am not and do not judge other people and would like the same courtesy. Good luck.
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Maddychelle just further to another post re speaking to a paediatrician. We thought they were who we needed to talk to so we waited until Caleb was born. But when we asked our paediatrician he said we needed to speak to our obstetrician. Luckily I saw my obstetrician every day while I was in the hospital. It was our obstetrician who gave us the details of Dr Russell. I am not sure if this differs from state to state or paediatrician to peadiatrician. However you could mention this to your obstetrician on your next check up. Good luck with what you decide is best for you and your son.
Wow... Calebsmum,

What a fantastic reply to my question. I was not looking for a witch hunt either when I posted this and so far have been very lucky. I am very open minded and I appreciate all replies as long as they are not too pushy or biased.

I am so greatful for all the information you gave me! And still a bit in awe... I will have to go back and read it all again. I'll probably print it out so I can show my husband too.

You have pretty much said all that I was thinking in terms of why I want to get it done. Of all the people I have spoken to, you and one other mum have been the most informative and helpful on the for side of circumcision.

I appreciate you giving me the doctors details too and will definitley further investigate him. I have heard so much against circumcision and very little for it.

So many people talk about how cruel it is, but from my own perspective there are a lot of men walking around today who are circumcised and are not scarred physically or emotionally. For me it is not just an issue of hygiene it is also about avoiding problems when my boy is older... how traumatic must it be for a young boy who is old enough to understand to have to undergo such an operation. (Please anyone reading this, it is purely my opinion and I push it onto no-one. I mean absolutley no offence here.)

I find it amazing that this is such a controversial issue. It was done for decades without question and all of a sudden we now have the choice to make and it is a very strongly divided point.

Until I can be given 100% confirmation that circumcision is detrimental then I will be seriously concidering having it done, and I would appreciate those mum's who don't agree with my decision to respect me, just as I respect their them.

Thankyou Calebsmum... you have given me a first-hand point of view and that was just what I was looking for. I applaud your bravery on sharing your opinion and would be very dissappointed to see anyone judge you here.

Michelle grin
Hi Tonipie,

Thankyou for sharing your views on this touchy subject with me, I really do appreciate it.

For me circumcision is not only about hygiene, it is about so much more... like avoiding an operation later in life that could result in emotional scars. Not that I am saying there would be a reason later in life, but there is that chance. (Please do not jump on me for saying that... it is purely my opinion)

I value your opinion and hope that anyone else who participates in this post will simply share their views and not judge.

Michelle smile
Hi Michelle
I should start this by saying I don't agree with male circumcision anymore than I do female circumcision. I think the argument that it should be done in case the child has infections is probably similar to advocating tonsils should be removed in case of the same. I understand that it can be confusing and probably difficult to get advise as it is a very emotional issue. For me it was a British documentary I saw a few years ago that was the clincher. The doco spoke with families who had lost and very nearly lost their babies who developed systemic infections after the procedure. Their little immature immune systems could not cope. There was also a doctor interviewed from the Greater Ormond Street childrens hospital who dispelled any myths that these babies "don't feel it" any more than older children do. Maybe there is something on their website. I hope this doesn't sound too preachy but it is a weighty issue and you should consider all aspects before deciding.
Good luck!
Hi, I had my son done at three weeks. The doctor used the Plasti bell method as already described in this forum. I had already seen my nephew done with this method and had a good understanding of it. The doctor was very good and explained everything to me.

I understand that by the old method things could and did go wrong. My baby's father had experienced some adversity to put it delicately. However he was still pro circumcision. My brother isn't done and has no problems. I know a great deal of boys in his generation that have had to be done later with a great deal more pain and suffering.

As for the pain factor, I believe the earlier the better. If i could've had it done in the hospital then I would've. We put our babies through the pain of immunisation, heel pricks, vitamin K injections etc. There are for and against arguments for all of these things which are as passionately debated as circumcision. And what of mothers who have their baby girls ears pierced? All my friends are anti immunisation and regularly have a go at me for getting my son vaccinated.

I had my son circumcised for hygiene reasons. I see how much he plays with his penis already. I know boys can be taught to clean themselves - but until they are of that age then I believe they do run the risk of infection. I don't think it is comparable to female circucision as the process of that is to completely remove the enjoyment of sex for the female and to basically cut away the labia and clitoris and sew her up.

Once again it is a personal choice. My mother is against circumcision but we respect each other's views as I respect other peoples. As mothers we do what we see as best for our child and in everything from immunisation to smacking to religion, what is 'best'varies from chid to child and mother to mother. Good luck with your son and your decision.
Hi Tanith,

I warmly thank you for sharing your views. I know it is a tough decision and I mean no disrespect in asking others about having their sons circumcised. Seeing that my husband and I are leaning very much towards having it done I wanted to hear from mums or dads who had been through it already. I mean who can give you a better idea than someone who has been through it first hand?

I totally agree with you that there are so many sensitive issues surrounding our children... I cried when I took my daughter to the doctor for her first immunisation needles. But I did it out of love. I chose to immunise my daughter for own well being, just as,if I decide to circumcise my son it would be for his own well being (again... this is my opinion only).

I have done a lot of research into the current methods used for circumcision and am not entering into this with my eyes closed. I do not believe that the methods used today are cruel or life threatening. I would not subject my baby to anything that I did not think was safe.

Thankyou very much for giving me another mother's perspective on this issue.

Hi Maddychelle

I have just gone through the same agonising decision as you are facing.

We knew we were having a boy, so this gave some time for my hubby and I to discuss the pros and cons.

My circumcised husband was quite adamant that we have our son circumcised as he had been through the nightmare of seeing his uncircumcised brother have to go through the procedure at the age of 17 as he had been having constant problems with infections whilst growing up.

I on the other hand, was sitting on the fence. Part of me wanting to have it done and part of me thinking there is no real reason. I finally agreed to having the procedure done.

Then when my son was finally born, I again, had my doubts and feared that the pain was not worth it. Meanwhile always thinking how much pain it would be to have it done years down the track.

I made the initial consultation with Dr Russell. I cancelled it. I made another appointment and went along to it. Dr Russell is one of the nicest people and set my mind at ease straight away.

We had the procedure done with the Plastibell and honestly, I am really glad I decided to go with it.

The procedure was not long and using the numbing cream to start with helped. My son was not at all uncomfortable after the procedure. The plastibell fell off 4.5 days later and all was perfect.

All the best

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

Hi maddychelle, you are very very welcome. As I said I would not normally get involved in this subject but as it was you and I owe you a few favours...............LOL. Thank "YOU" right back for all of your help I cant express how much I appreciate it! Good luck with your research.
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