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Flannelette Sheets for Cot Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Can you buy flannelette sheets for cots or are they not recommended for SIDS reasons? Just wondering with the cooler weather coming whether I should try and buy flannelette sheets for bubs cot.


Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

Hi Bron,

Flannelette sheets are fine for the cot as far as I know. I use flanelette cots in Nicholas's cot. It keeps him a lot warmer in the cooler months., than the cotton ones.

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

hi i also use flanalette sheets in the winter and i use cotton in the summer i dont think they have anything to do with sids so it is safe to use them.
Hi Bron

I used flannelette sheets in my son's bassinette last winter when he was a newborn. I haven't heard anything in relation to them not being recommended for SIDS reasons - as long as you stick to the usual guidelines I don't think there would be a problem. Maybe wash them a few times before you use them so there is not as much loose fluff. At the moment I've only got a bottom sheet in my son's cot as he kicks everything else off, I've been a bit worried as the nights are getting cooler. I have bought a few sleeping bags but I think he will need 2 or 3 on at once to stay warm once the cold weather really hits. Anyhow back to the point smile , my mum said she used to use single bed sheets in our cot as they tucked right in and we couldn't kick them off, so I'll be trying that with flannelette.

Hi Bron, I also used flannette sheets for my daughter and had no problems. I actually found that in the cooler months she slept longer during the night when I had the warmer sheets on.

Caroline, Qld, 2yo daughter

Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be off shopping for some flannelette sheets. I know I love mine in winter, so I'm sure Meghan will enjoy being snug too smile

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

i hve found some good fitted sheets made of stretchy terry towelling good in the winter bit not too hot in summer eithr got them from target

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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