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Banning of bath seats Lock Rss

Bath seats have recently come under the spotlight of the media with the recent death of a 7 month old baby, when her parents left the room for 5-10 minutes to answer a telephone call.
I'm sorry for their loss, but don't blame the manufacturer of the seat, or ban them from sale. I couldn't do without mine. I know for sure that it says onthe box, as it does with all baby things of this nature, that it is not a safety device and children should not be left unattended while using one. Nothing is fool proof that is why they print these warnings.
Maybe I'm paranoid but I won't even got 1.5 meters away to get something out of the shower without taking my son out of his seat. For the moment it takes me, he could topple over or slip under and drown. I'm not prepared to take that risk. A child can drown in the smallest amount of water, and we are constantly warned of the dangers of children and water.

I don't think that these seats should be banned because of other peoples carelessness, like I said previously I couldn't do without mine. My son now likes to sit in the bath but every now and then will suddenly stiifen himself out. The combination of water, soap and bubble bath make him very slippery and a few times he's nearly slipped out of my grip. So I've started using my bathseat (under constant supervision) and bathtime is now more fun. I've also found that the bath pillow I got with my Huggies playtent acts as a good cushion to put behind him so he can sit right up.

member since 2004

hello Kristy,
I agree that it the carelessness of the parent no matter how well your child can sit, crawl..etc....they need constant supervision. I'm familiar with the story you are talking about I saw the add but unfortunately did not see the report.
Thankyou for your thoughts Kristy because I wanted to know what other Mums thought about this product because I am considering buying one as my 8 month old wants to sit up in the bath, and especially with a soapy body and constant wriggling around I'm worried I may loose my grip as you also said.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi Kristy, I totally agree!!! I feel for the loss but as parents we need to be 10 steps ahead and not be negligent!! Like most baby things, there is always a caution e.g high chairs - don't leave baby alone, change table - do not leave baby's a standard , so do these things need to be banned as well... I love the bath seat.. With surpervision they are fantastic. My 8mth old plays with his toys while I bath him and do not leave his sight. I recommend them. For parents who have wrigglers,a choice needs to be made, a slippery surface or a stable surface???
Sandra and Maryt
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks these seats are a fantastic idea.
Like evryone says they are sympathetic to the parents loss, but why should we all suffer for someone else's carelessness.
Sandra, definately buy one. I actually went 1/2s with a friend who has a daughter 13 months older than my son so she was well and truly finished with it by the time I needed it. But they're not too dear, I got mine at K Mart for around $35.
Happy safe bathing to all.

member since 2004

I agree as well!! If they start banning bath seats what will it be next time. No nappy buckets, no fish tanks, no swimming pools!! Honestly I think that it all comes down to the parents - Whilst I do feel for their loss, I could never even think of leaving a child alone in the bath not even for a second. Any product that makes a parents life easier can't be a bad thing and children need constant supervision all the time, please never forget this.
Hi Kristy

I haven't heard that story, but I definitely wouldn't be without m bathseat. How many times do parents need to be told not to leave their baby unattended - in the bath of all places!!! My son is a wriggly little worm and he can get out of the seat in no time - but as I'm always watching him he never gets to far. Bathseats are a great aid if used for the intended purpose.

I agree with everyone who has posted so far. (short and sweet).

kellie, NSW, baby aden

What a awful story, My heart goes out to the parents. I agree with everything with everyone who has posted too.
We have had a couple of stories in the last week of babies being killed in car accidents because the have not been strapped in to the car seat. I know some days when you have "nappie brain" it is easy to forget, there were times in the first month that I would arrive at a detination only to discover that even though Hamish was strapped into the carseat, the car seat was not strapped into the car. SCARY

My son is nearly 7 months and has just started to sit up in the bath with my help. The problem is that we have an old bath that is very deep and long (I'm 175cm and can just lie back and touch the other end with my toes) So it is very uncomfortable for me to lean over and bath him, so bath time is very short. I want to get a bath seat but I can't find them anywhere. Our nearest town is Blenheim and we don't have a huge range of baby shops. I have looked in the Wharehouse and in Farmers. If any one from NZ could tell where you can get them and how much It would be great.
I am also going to Sydney in May so I could pick one up over there.

Thanks for your help,

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04

i feel so sorry for their loss..but what parent leaves a baby in the bath by themselves to go and answer the phone??

tineka...i know that some warehouse stores and some farmers stores sell them, but also the baby factory sells them...they sell a cloth one which isnt that great, but they sell a plastic one that is an actuall seat with sides to prevent the baby from rolling's $30.

but if you have trouble finding more than happy to help smile
my contact is [email protected] email or msn.

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

I agree, we too have a bath seat and it is absolutely fabulous!

I never leave my little boy either not even for a second! they are just too precious!

I feel sorry for the parents as well but you have to be so responsible with little ones they rely on us for protection and care!

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

hi, I never leave my bubba in the seat by herself out of the room, but I did brush my teeth while she was happily playing in her bath seat. Twice now it has slipped and she's been under. Never for more than 2 seconds, and both times I've been watching it happen and my feet just don't move quick enough to stop it. I would never leave her alone in it as I see how easy it is for her to slip back. The suction caps just aren't strong enough to cope with boistrous bath play.
I try not to use the seat now. I prefer for her to have a shower with me. I'm just scared she'll hit her head as she falls back and knock herself unconscious. Silly, I know, but she's my precious babe and I don't want anything to happen.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Not sure if anyone watched Today Tonight last night (Wednesday) but the story was on there and the mother admitted to leaving her child unattended and is calling for them to be banned. I'm sorry but it made my blood boil as it seems they want to make all parents suffer by removing these things from sale because of parents carelessness.
How often does it say to never leave a child unattended in these things.
I'm sorry if I sound like I'm rabbitting on but I couldn't do without my bathseat and I use it to the manner for which it is intended with constant supervision.

member since 2004

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