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Someone else looking after bubby! Lock Rss

Hi all
I sound like I am being silly, but I am going back to work tonight working 5 hour shifts 4 nights a week and daddy is looking after bub, which is great and not a problem at all, but after 3 mths when bub will be nearly 7mths old I plan to start doing day work, I have a fear and I dont know why of other people looking after Sophia, Eg Mother in Law inparticular because I know for a fact that she doesnt have much of an idea (have been told be sister in law) she just does stupid things like gave Sophia's cousin, Warm water with vegiemite in it! I feel a little more comfortable with my mum but still a bit funny! Please if anyone else is feeling this way or has any suggestions how I can feel a little better about it, it would be great. and please tell me if I being to over protective.

Take care everyone - talk soon

Kimberley - Tassie - Sophia 08/10/2006

I don't think it sounds silly as I'm in the same boat. I hate to think of anyone looking after Jeb other than myself or DH. My SIL is the only one I trust but only for short visits. As for MIL looking after him......not in a thousand years!! So far I have seen and heard too many things I don't agree with. So....unless she reads all the latest info out and may be looks after him for awhile while I'm with her that's never going to happen and to make things worst with her is my FIL is an alcoholic so I would never trust him near him without me or DH there. I know this probably isn't helping you but I just wanted you to know that I feel the same and probably have a worst situation than you in the in-law department anyway!!LOL!!!
Go with the person you feel most comfortable with and maybe send some extra time with them and make them do as much as possible with bub so they get more confident with bub and bub gets use to them aswell. Write EVERYTHING down for them and make sure the stick to it. Let them know to phone you at work if they have ANY problems or questions (I'm sure work wouldn't mind the odd phone call) Go with your gut about who should look after bub, I'm sure she'll be fine. Hopefully one day I'll be able to do this too smile
I understand conmpletely. I dont exactely like my mother in law cause she does stupid things to and its been decades since see last took care of a baby.
The other day after leaving my son Asher 9 months with her for a couple of hours we came into her house to find that she'd given him a bottle of her pills to play with as a toy!!!! arggh! I was fuming but theres nothing I can say because its my partners mother and he wont listen to anything I have to say about his mother even if I bring the issue up nicely.
If I had my way I wouldnt have had her look after him but I lost that battle.

Maybe you could have your mother in law over for a day or you could go to her house and you could spend the day together and she could see the way you like things to be done or maybe with a trusted friend. Try this for a while and when you feel they are ready you might find your comfortable enough to leave bubs with them.
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