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The Role of GodParents?? Lock Rss

Can any one help me on what the role of God Parents are, and if anyones bubs have God Parents, what do they do. We're thinking of having a Naming day for my 9 1/2 mth old twins, but would like to know the role of GodParents first.

Hi Tash,

This is the way we have viewed Godparents in our family. If something ever happened to myself and my husband, they are the people to take a major role in bringing them up!

My sister is a godparent to each of my children, as she would bring them up in this senario. The other people who are also god parents are there if my sister has any problems doing this. We can't forsee the future, so i guess i am covering all angles.

When i asked each person to be a godparent, i told them what i believed a godparent if for.

Also, i want these people to be a big part of there everyday lives.

Just the way we have done it,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tash,

How we choose the godparents to our son was we wanted people in his life that were going to support him through his life. Aslo they are a positive influance, like a mentor.
My husband has the most amazing Godmother and she has supported him at everything he has done and given him advice when he has needed it. She is not related to the family, I guess we have based our decision on her.

None of Hamish's godparents are related to him because we thought that the family is going to be invlovled in his life anyway. Someone pointed out to me though that somtimes friends drift away and a family is a better choice.

Goodluck with choosing and with the naming day

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04

Hi, I am a God Parent twice and my son has Godparents. From a religious perspective the role is to nuture the child spiritually. Of course the parent is the prime teacher but in case the parent is not around, the godparent would be the one who would take over. It is a commitment from the God parents point of view. We Christened our baby and welcomed Him officially in God's family. The God parents took on this role by commiting themselves in front of the mass congregation. As a Godparent I make sure I give thoughtful gifts to my God child such as a bible, little reflection cards etc on special occasions... I'm not sure about naming days and how they differ to a christening.
Hi Tash,
We just had our son christened 2 weeks ago and we chose 3 godparents. My cousin is one as she and I are quite close and her partner is also another. My uncle is his Godfather as we like the way he is with his kids and the way that he and my aunt have raised them both.
Thats how we decided who would be Liam's Godparents was to think (like Tepe) if saomething was to happen to myself and my husband who would raise him, although we have to formalise it in our will. Like I said before we like the kind of father my uncle is and his kids are always polite but are by no means wall flowers. They know when they can have fun and when its time to be serious. We chose my cousin and he girlfriend as neither will probably have children so its a way for them to be parents, if you understand me.
Traditionally the role of the Godparent was to assist in their upbringing spiritually as well as life.
We upset the applecart with some of our friends by not choosing them but when we sat down and thought about it we disagreed with many of the aspects of how they're raising their kids, and didn't want that for our son. We'd never tell them that they're doing it wrong but we don't want that for our son.
I hope that thats help to shed a little light on the subject for you.

member since 2004

As part of the Catholic faith, the role of godparents is a very special and very important spiritual one. When a baby is baptised it officially becomes a member of god's family and receives many blessings. It is the godparents role to guide and suport the child on their spiritual path through life.

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi mum_of_twins,

I agree with what the other mums have said here. My daughter has a god mother only and she is my best friend. Her general role in my daughter's life is to be like an Aunty and a friend. If anything should ever happen to me and my husband we have asked my best frind to take care of our daughter.

We too had a naming day as we did not want a religous ceremony. In the non-religous sense you need to choose people who will be a part of your child's life and provide a positive influence.

In the religous sense I beleive the role of the god parents is to provide religous education and support.

Hope this helps you a little smile

traditionally the god parents are responsible for the chids religius education eg taking the to synday school etc and should something happen to the parents to take care of the child

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

the role of a godparent is really up to you, for my son his godparents are people who he will be able to turn to for advice and guidenece in the years to come. at the moment they are people who we can relie on if we need a helping hand, babysitting or just some company. my advice to you would be to sit down and think about what you think god paents mean to you and what you would like their job to include. then talk to the people you would like to be your childs godparents and see if they are able to offer theese needs.
Hi everyone!

I have 2 children. Liam is four now and was baptised when he was 5months old and Siobhan will be baptised next weekend (8months old). We chose god parents for a few reasons.
1. They are all great friends to us who we get advise from when we need it so we feel they would also be good at giving our children any help they should need.
2. They love our children and the children love them. They will quite happily spend time with each other. (sometimes quite funny to watch!!)
3. None of them are true family, just very close friends. My hubby's family are all over east (we live in NWest of WA) and all my family are huge parts of my childrens life already.

We want our childrens godparents to be people that we trust, we love and we want to be a major part of their lives.

Just becareful you don't pick friends that may not hang around. One of Liam's did that and so he misses out a bit. Siobhan's godparents have picked up the slack, thankfully.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

tradionally the god parent look after the childs religious upbringing & should you & your hubby die they bring up the children

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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