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travelling with 9 month old Lock Rss

Hi there,
We are going on our first family holiday for 2 weeks soon & I was wondering if anyone had any tips on travelling with a 9 month old. I have written a list of all the things we need to take for him & I don't think there will be enough room for my husband or myself to go along as well!! We will be staying at motels most of the trip so any suggestions would be appreciated. For example, I do a big "cook up" of his dinners, freeze in meal size containers & reheat them before use. Not all motels have kitchenettes in the rooms so how have others reheated meals?
Thanks for your help

Josh''s mum 3 y.o

Are you travelling here or overseas,

Also have you checked with your hotels as to wether they do have microwaves or not.

We have been on 3 hols since the boys were born and also a lot of hols when we just had 1 child.

Last holiday was for 10 days, and we decided instead of cooking my own meals thewhole time we bought some frozen baby food in the cubes. It was so much easier, and also the pureed fruits forcereal or snackes, also just made sandwhiches etc for lunches.
my boys had just turned 1 at this stage. I know defiantely what you mean about all that stuff, we had double pram, travel cots etc, too much stuff.
we had been on a hol 4 weeks b4 the last one so we didnt take half the clothes, just washed as we went.

As for reheating, microwave if got it, or defrost cubes in fridge, then boil water and stand cubes in a dish and place the dish within another dish with boiled water and reheat that way.

hope this helps.

We also just bought all foods once we got there including nappies, unless we wouldnt of had anywhere to sit in the car,LOL

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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