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Cradle Cap Lock Rss


I was wondering if anyone had any good remedies for cradle cap. My little possom (8months) does not mind me brushing her hair with a baby brush, but this does not get all of the cradle cap.

Hi ggholly03

My bubs also has cradle cap and several people have told me to rub an oil based cream such as sorbolene or vaseline into her scalp before bed. This is supposed to soften the crusts so that they can be washed out the next day at bathtime. I also looked this up in the book "Baby Love" and it says pretty much the same thing.

Hope this helps

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Hi ggholly03
I heard that olive oil is good for cradle cap and its not harmful to bubs. I was once told that the best oils to use on bubs for massage are ones you can eat as you know that they're non toxic.
The only thing is if you daughter has a fair amount of hair it can look like she needs her hair washed, but if it works thats the plus.

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Olive oil and Vaseline are best. Anything that is thick and oily with take the flakes off.
Are you avoiding shampoos? The Jurlique gentle baby hair and body shampoo is good to use a couple times a week if your feeling the need to shampoo bub.
Good luck.

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hi there my name is narelle and my daughter eilish started to get cradle cap when she was a few days old. i dont know what to do (i didnt ask anyones opinions) i guessed what to do i started rubbing baby oil on her scalp a few times a day (the patch on her head would have been a 5c piece size) i put it in her bath and i never got cradle cap. ever. shes nearly two now but i will do the same when we fall preggas with the next one. i wont wait for the baby to get it i'll be using baby oil all the time. in every bath. i still use baby oil in eilishs baths i know she wont get cradle cap now. but it keeps her skin smooth and baby soft.


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Thanks so much guys, Yes Georgia has long fine hairs which does make difficult to put oil in as I worry not all of it reaches her scalp. That is a great idea for putting oil in the bath, great for skin too.

The cradle cap has built up quite a bit now, as I am just treating it now, but I am sure oil will work as it has for you. I would gentally pick it out but understandably bub does not like it! not very hygenic either!...... I am not sure about shampoo. We have been using Jand J, could that help cause cradle cap maybe? I will try the Jurlique gentle baby shampoo in any case.

Thanks again smile
My son had a little bit of cradle cup when he was a few months old and i managed to get rid of it with baby oil. However my newphew had a severe case at about 8 months old and my sister mashed up a paw paw and rubbed that through his hair, leaving it on all day. This cured it in no time. Ii thought it sounded a bit weird until i saw the results. Apparently Paw Paw is magical stuff. Might be worth a go if nothing else seems to work.

I was told to use bicarbonate of soda made into a paste. I had tried baby oil and olive oil but neither worked. I then tried bicarb soda left it on for 3 hrs then washed it off then the next day it was totally gone. It also never returned thanks to my mum.

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Give castor oil a go, it worked for me and can be purchased from any chemist, it should only cost around $7.00 depending where you purchase it as one chemist tried selling it for $20.
Coles should too but i was unable to locate it there, I guess they hadnt stocked up their shelf.

Just rub some in the scalp and leave for a little then you can brush it and wash it out, might take a few goes though.

Hope this helps,
I liked the sorbelene, washes out easily leaves no oily residue.
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