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Reflux :( Lock Rss

Has anyone elses bubba's been diagnosed with Reflux and are on Medication?

My son was diagnosed with it, although he has had it since about 3weeks old - he wasn't properly diagnosed till now - we got by on Thickened formular, but since starting solids his Reflux has gotten so much worse, poor thing. He has been put on Zoton - 15mg once a day, hes only been on it for a few days now and I must say I have certainly seen an improvement !

Anyone else out there with refluxy bub

Kristie, mum to Blake(23mths) & Joshua(1mth)

yup ive had 2 out of 3 reflux bubs. No 2 DD had silent reflux & just screamed constantly. It wasnt until she started bleeding internally that the reflux was picked up & treated with zantac. What a difference that made. I LOVE mylanta to. DD no 3 just chucked volumes constantly. Thankfully she only needed medication for a short while then came off it. She is now nearly 14 mths old & still chucks but at least its not painful all the time for her. I just hate stepping in the soggy patches now that she is crawling.!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with it all


Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

yup same here my son has reflux!! poor little thing, every 5 mins he spews, even when hes sucking on the dummy it poures out the little holes! it must be horrible spewing all the time, it dosent seem to bother him all the time but sometimes he gags on it, other times he just chews it up and swallows it back down (eeeewwwww!!). he has been like this since newborn, i put him on thickened formula at 2.5months after no sucess at keeping breastmilk down.i can breastfeed him when he gets up at night to feed and that stays down ok.just say i give him a bottle, then down to bed, when i get him up 3 hours later he still spews!! even in the night when hes been asleep for 7 hours. hes been referred through to a specialist, so were on a waiting list of 4-6weeks, hopefully we hear back soon.for the meantme we have been given Losec to give once a day to stop the pain. the last 4 nights now he has been waking 5+ times a night crying!! the doctors cant believe how much he spews, he gave them quite a show when we went in to get him seen to!
so i know what your going through (and i know how big your washing pile must be! as long as they are putting on weight, and are happy thats the main thing! but its not nice to see ur little one in pain like that sad i hope all goes well with you guys, hopefully they will grow out of it soon!!
Yes i know what you are going through my 6 month old also suffers from Reflux and was diagnosed since 3 months old. We also thickened her formula and i started her on solids at 4 months to help with it. I have found over the last week that she seems to be throwing up more probably because she is getting more mobile and sitting up. I just made her formula thicker as well as her food.
A question does medication help with the throwing up or just relieve the pain?

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

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