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What are the best baby wipes - quality and value Lock Rss

I just can't afford to keep using the Huggies wipes. They are too expensive and I find them too stiff. What have you found to be the best.

i like johnsons baby wipes and the wiggles wipes. i get 3 packets of the wiggles ones for $9 (80 wipes per pack)

We use Johnson & Johnson and buy in bulk, a box of six packets of wipes (80 in a pack) for around $20 and they are great.

Only used huggies wipes once, too dry for our liking.
[Edited on 19/09/2008]
I use the Johnson & Johnson sensitive wipes. I can usually get the boxes for about $20 for 6 x 80 packs. I open the pack and empty them into an Huggies wipe box.

I tried Dri-bots wipes, they were around $14 for a box of 6 x 80. While they were good they aren't intersleeved so trying to get them out of the Huggies box is a nightmare so they have been relegated to being put in the small Huggies Travel pack in my nappy bag.
cloth ones. Nappy flanellette cut into 10cmx 10cm squares. If going out, get one of those wipe travel boxes or a wetbag and keep them damp in there.

cost = $5 for a years worth so far

[Edited on 19/09/2008]

At home I use cotton balls and warm water on DS - so much cheaper and better for their bums. When out and about I use the Johnsons ones.
I'm a huggies wipes girl ! While I wont buy the expensive Huggies nappies I wont stint on the wipes. They have one hellofajob to do and I've found them to be extra thick and strong and I only need to use probably 2 of them instead of perhaps 3 or 4 when I used the J & J wipes.
Johnsons or Curash wipes. They are cheap and come in bulk and softer than Huggies.

I found huggies wipes to stiff and I found I ran out quicker than with J&J or Curash

Mummy to 3 little goblins

I found curash ones to be ok and not as stiff as huggies. I have trouble finding wipes that dont give our baby a rash, she seems to be sensitive so i had been using huggies sensitive but they are a bit expensive for my liking too. i am thinking of trying something else too smile

Our baby is nearly 1!!!

I find the huggies ones are best. Have tried numerous others and they all seem so thin in comparison. Even though Huggies are most expensive, I find they are most effective and you don't need to use as many at a time unlike the other brands.
[Edited on 22/09/2008]

i use johnsons too when they are on special. they come out of the dispenser every time. there is nothing worse than pulling out a wipe and the next one doesn't pop out and you have to fish around for it while holding on to bubs on the change table!

otherwise the swisspers ones are good, the non scented ones though. i can't stand scented ones, they give me a headache straight away!! they are only around $9 from discount chemists for 3x80's.

I go to bunnings and grap a roll of chux (about $19.95 for 100) - these cut up into 4 squares each wipes so you are actually getting 400 out of each roll. I use them with warm water - It was recommended by my dr as my bub has very sensitive skin and eczema and she said the baby wipes are full of soap and alcohol so can dry out bubs skin! I only use the packet wipes if we are out somewhere and in that case I have found the curash ones to be the best!
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