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Feeding solids to my 8 month old baby girl Sarah Lock Rss

Just wondering when is the best time to feed solids - before or after bottle of formula? My little one generally throws what I give her up so lately I haven't been feeding her solids at all - she is still on the thickened formula as she has a tendency to throw up her bottle as well but she hasn't got reflux. I am not too worried as she is putting on weight but just thought I would check with you girls to see whether maybe I should give her something to eat next time rather than her bottle. She is still having 3 - 4 bottles per day - sometimes she will stay asleep in the arvo and she doesn't wake up for her 4th bottle and will sleep straight through until 7am the next day.

A & S''s Mummy


The "rule" is that milk is their primary source of nutrition until they are at least 9 months (for us it's 12) and solids should be complimentary to this for tastes and textures only.

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you, but ounce for ounce, bm or formula has more fat and calories than any solids you could be feeding her bar avocado.

Alex has milk first 99% of the time and his solids about an hour later. It was completely different with DS1....but then they are both different. LOL

So up to you.......that probably didn't help did it? LOL Sorry..........

Yes it did thanks for that - I always think she is full up from the bottle that she won't want anything else - will try that an hour later.

A & S''s Mummy


I have an almost 8 month old boy who i had a hard time with solids at first.

He would projectile vomit every time i gave him something to eat. He too had reflux (i think. He has been on full formula since he was 6 months...using the Karicare HA-AR which is great!

I was told that if he is throwing up what i am feeding him, then his little tummy is full. The Maternal & Child health number (which is a life saver) told me to try giving him his milk feed and then 2 hours later, try some solids!!!!!

IT WORKED!!! No more throwing up solids or milk!

Lots of people say to give milk first and then shortly after the solid foods...but really, there are no rules.

Give it a go and let me know what happens!
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