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how long til bubs liked water? Lock Rss

Hi there
my DS is 18 weeks and i have just started to try giving him a bit of cooled boiled water so that he will drink it when he starts solids. i have tried giving it to him warmed a bit so it isn't too much of a shock, but he really hates it still. i realise he isn't going to like it straight away as it is a new "taste", and it will take him a while to get used to it, that is why i have started now rather than doing it at the same time as starting solids.

i am using tommee tippee newborn teats so it doesn't come out too fast for him.

over the course of the day yesterday he drank 40ml of plain water, but it was a big struggle to do that! i tried giving it to him in between bottles and also just before a bottle and even during a bottle (in the middle when i stopped to burp him).

i'm just wondering how long it took for other babies to start to like drinking water? i'm hoping that by the time he starts solids he will like drinking it so he doesn't have any issues with constipation!


Hi there

Stella's the same. I've been trying to get her to drink more water but she hates it. I figure though that maybe she just isnt thirsty. We had a really hot day here yesterday and I offered her water between her bottles and she took about 20mls in one go but wouldnt take any more all day.

I'm just going to keep persisting on the hope that when she starts solids she'll feel the need to drink more. Also, I'm one of these mums who doesnt like the idea of adding glucose or sugar or some additive to water to make it taste better for bub. When Stella's old enough though I might try her on some of those baby juices really really diluted if she's having any constipation issues.
thanks for your reply, i agree, i don't really want to add anything to the water either i would rather have him like to drink it on its own unless he is constipated! and if he drinks enough water then that should help with constipation, but if not then the weakened pear juice will have to do lol!

My DD used to love water. I started giving it to her at a young age as she is on reflux formula and the water has helped with constipation. Now she suddenly won't drink it anymore. It's quite frustrating. I have to change formula now as she is constipated. I think she has gone off it because for 2 days I gave her Dimetapp as prescribed from doc as she was quite sick and dimetapp is sweet tasting, now she probably thinks water is boring and tasteless!! LOL

My DD is 10 months old and still doesn't like water. I have offered her water since she was 6 months but have not had any success with her taking it through a bottle, sippy cup or normal cup. Sometimes I can get her to take a couple of spoonfuls but then she realises what it is and clamps her mouth shut.

If I get desperate for her to have some water I wet a face washer and she happily sucks the water out of it. I think it is gross, but it works!
My DS definately drank lots more water once he had started solids. Now he drinks water like there is no tomorrow. I have to take the water bottle off him before he fills himself up on water and won't eat anything else. He will happily drink a 240ml bottle of water every day and more if i let him. Its cute because he can no hold his own bottle so i just leave the bottle with him on the floor when he is playing and when he is thirsty he picks it up and gives it to himself. The only problem is i have to do lots and lots of nappy changes with the amount of fluid he is drinking smile

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