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Hi my 6mth old DS is currently in higgies toddler nappies which are suppose to be for 10-15kg, but there is no way he weighs that much, im not sure how much he weighs atm will find out next week at dr's. What size nappy is your 6mth old in?? He doesnt seem to be a big baby, and he isnt really very chubby (yet)

MY DS is in toddler nappies he is nearly 7 months and is 9.2kgs

My bubba is 10 months old is just over 10 kgs and is in Junior, go figure he is not even close to the weight range but he leakes when he wears a toddler size, especially at night.

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my daughter is in crawler nappies. Shes 6 months old.
my DS is only just fitting the crawler nappies at 5.5m old. i have one more box then will be going onto toddler. he weighs about 9.5kg at the moment.

My DD only just came out of newborn last month lol she is tiny. She's now in infant.

my DS is 6 months and weighs 8.5kg and is now in toddler size...

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

My bubs has just moved into the Toddler size too. He is 8mths and nearly 9kg. I find the elastic around his legs is too tight. I even have to stretch out the elastic on the toddler size nappies or it cuts into him (and I don't think he is overly chubby like a PP mentioned.)

My baby is about 8kg and 6 6months which I think is average. He is the Huggies 7 to 11 kg. They are great. No leakage over night.
We use the Aldi DD is 6.44kg DW, weighed today and is in their crawler nappies (4-9kg) and to be honest with you, they are huge...they don't leak or anything, but the tabs overlap...hehehe!

Liz x

When my baby was 6 months he was in crawler, which he is still in at 10 months, but after reading all the replys in here, i have gone out and bought the next size up because for the past week he has been leaking in them at night. He is only 8.8kg so i never even thought about going up to the next size. Silly me. Anyway last night we have no leaks, i think i will keep using crawler in the day as they are fine in the day. So maybe people just have to try a few diffenet ones. I did try the new ones that come with some day nappies and night nappies but they leaked too.
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