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We live in Darwin and my sun unfortunatly was born in the middle of what we call the 'wet season' and it is hot.

What is the best way to keep him cool? Caleb is 6 weeks old he is quite a big boy (approx 6kgs) and holds his head up by himself already and is bottlefed using S26 Gold. Can formula be given to him cold? How do you know when he is really hot and the best way of cooling him down.

Please help

Rochelle, NT , DS Caleb DD Brooke


we had the same problems recently with our hot weather in Melb (although sure not as hot as Darwin)
We could tell when Kyla was hot when she felt very warm, had red cheeks and just seemed grumpy.
We gave her baths that were cooler than normal but not cold, had the fans on but not directly on her and let her hold a wet washer which she could suck but also have on her body which kinda cooled her down.
Since then we have got 2 split systems installed so hopefully will not have those probs again and it is a real worry.
You just have to be mindful that he has enough liquids and isn;t dehydrated.

Hi Calebs mum

my daughter is on S26 gold also and she never has it warmed by her choice because she never liked it warm we just make it at normal room temp and that is fine

hope that helps

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my baby was born in darwin also andi found theheat a problem too luckily we have moved before the wet but as you know thw dry this year was hot too. i was recommended placing wet towels on the side of the cot with a fan blowing accross helps to keep them cool or even hanging a damp sheet in the window helped also

hope this helps!

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