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hi guys my lil girl sure makes a mess when eating and when she pulls her bibs off, her clothes suffer ....ha ha ....Anyway what can i use to get rid of the stains on her t shirts????? Ive tried a few and nothing has worked. (pasta sauce is a real hard one to get out!!!) anyways can any mums suggest anything that has worked for them would save me some $$$ thanks kylie smile

kylie (30) from munno para

I am using The Napisan Oxyaction detergent and soaking the clothes in that before I wash them. It has been working great! The only thing is that it is quite pricey!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi Tezagiggles,

With tomato stains, after washing the item leave in the sun to dry. Tomato is suppose to fade in sunlight.

Another suggestion, always have a bucket with nappy san in it (or something similar). Put soiled clothes in straight away. I find the longer i take to wash them the more stubborn the stain becomes.

Have you tried the nappysan soap bar, i find it great when i get to the scrubbing stage of getting out stains.



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I can't believe how badly banana stains clothes! Has anyone got any suggestions to remove them? Jen

Jen, 42, first baby!

Hello Everyone, One of the best things I have found is the Preen OxyAction. The add says you can see the stain disappear before your eye's, this has happen for a few things. The other thing I find that works well it to put a little of the washing powder or detergent on the stain and rub it in a little then add the rest in the wash.

Good luck!
Yeah thumbs up to preen oxyaction!

With banana stains I remove bib/clothes immediantly and soak in a bucket of napisan, then preen them & wash and it comes out.

mum of 1

thanks for all your comments ill certainly give preen oxyaction a try thanks guys !!!!! smile

kylie (30) from munno para


I'm off to buy some of this oxyaction too, can't believe i have been this far without it!!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi guys got preen oxy action worked a treat thanks for the tips smile

kylie (30) from munno para

If you run out a good substitute is soaking in normal kitchen vinegar, my stepmum swears by it.

Samantha, Vic, Joel DOB 25.02.04

After my man has finished with his meals I scrub his bibs with sard wonder soap then soak in napisan, it's removed all of the stains esp pumpkin.
I can't help anymore with suggestions of stain removers but i saw some plasticish bibs with arms at kmart the other day.. so she wouldn't be able to pull it off (well hopefully she wouldn't) maybe give that a go? From memory they were about $10.. I'm going back to get a few for myself tomorrow!

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

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