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How and when do you start your baby on finger food? Lock Rss

I have a six and a half month old son, whos eating three meals a day and four bottles. I would love to start him on finger food soon, tho a little scared of the potential to "choke". How do you know when to start him on that type of food like toast? and how do you give the toast to them? Would love some advice as I think this is an exciting phase to start but also a scary one...

I started my son with toast at about 7 months. I used to cut it into 4 'fingers' and he'd mainly suck on it. Other good first finger foods are small pieces of banana, and other soft fruit such as ripe pears, watermelon etc, steamed vegies such as broccoli or really well cooked pasta. My son took ages to get the hang of it, he used to gag on everything and I never thought he'd get it. The clinic nurse said just persevere, so I did and one day I gave him some pear and he just gobbled it up skin and all with no gagging smile !!! So don't be put off if he gags at first - just persevere and he'll eventually get the hang of it. As the saying goes "Practice makes perfect".

Hope this helps

I started my little girl at about 7 1/2 months. I started with a rusk and then moved onto toast and cut it up like Jas. I have put vegemite and cheese spread on her toast (not together). She has also had banana, Kraft cheesesticks, other fruits and just recently I gave her an arrowroot biscuit and she adored it. Finger food is very messy and I'm sure more goes over the highchair than in her tummy, but they love it. I didn't have a problem with gagging - I think mainly because Meghan has always had her food lumpy.


Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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