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Bonds you recommend? Lock Rss

Hi just wondering if you recommend the newer bonds easysuits that have the opening in the back? I was going to get some for my new arrival but one friend didnt recommend them?


I don't recommend them. They are so not easy!

Not at all! And who came up with that name?????????????????????
Thanks for your prompt responses, Im guessing thats why BigW has them reduced to $8 and next week they are on special at Target. Luckily a girlfriend saw me looking at them and in her opinion baby had to be a contorsionist to get in them smile


Never!!! Biggest waste of money....

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

don't go there....i bought one (thank goodness only one!) and i got the size up from what DS was as bonds is usually small sized in comparison to other brands.

i tried both ways (top first then bottom first) to get the darn thing on and felt like i was going to snap a body part off poor DS!

what a silly design! looks cute in the adds though.


i agree, i dont know why they are called easy suits.... I also felt like i was going to break my bubs legs trying to get it on!

i agree, in looking a them you think aww yeah that would be easy!! but its NOT!!!
Hopeless! i will never buy them. luckily the one i had was given to me so i havent wasted my money on one!!

Our baby is nearly 1!!!

Same here- I was given one and so glad that I hadn't bought any.
We have 1 coverall & 2 bodysuits. DP was first to put it on DD. he asked me "how does it work?" .. i said .. "its an easy suit you'll get it" .. i tried .. omg NOT SO EASY .. $8 at Big W .. don't bother!
I agree...definitely not easy! I took two back!

Hi well since everyone has been so negative, i thought i would give a diff perspective on them. I bought one when my baby was a few weeks old and hated it, it was impossible to get him in and i thought i was going to snap him in half. So it never got used. Then my baby started crawling at 5 months and now at 10 months is a horror to dress and has been since about 7 months, wriggles and squirms and crawls away, screams and i have to say that they are now the best thing ever. I got some given to me in a size 1 and i love them, for bed. They are so much easier to get on a bigger baby and not having poppers to do up is great i just sit him on my knee and do it, he can wriggle all he wants. So maybe they are no good for newborns but excellent for wriggly babys once older.
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