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Daycare vs Kindy vs Preschool vs Prep Rss

Please help me... I am struggling with all these terms...
What is each of them and what are they for? Are they for particular age groups? Teach different things?

P.S. Prep (will be Fulltime) is replacing Preschool (which was part-time) here is Qld in 07. Sounds like another year of school to me tongue . *not compulsory tho*
We have prep here in Victoria which is the year before 1st grade and starts at the age of 5 and is compolsory in Victoria. Before that we have 3&4 year old Kindergarden.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

daycare isf or all ages....they cater from 6wks to 12years in most centre's, the children are in different rooms for different age groups.
and then after school care 6-12years
daycare does not "formally" teach the children. though all activiites provided are reflecting the children's development, age, needs and interests. a lot more work goes into a daycare program then many people realise. daycare does not sit the children down and teach numbers,colours etc.

kindy n preschool....are usually ages 3,4,5. preschool and kindy specifically teach the children. this is if you are talking about a school.
best advice is to ring around the centres. i do not know how old your child is so i can't really tell u whats best.

Danni, WA,

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