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Home/Daycare change in routine for long days out dilema! Rss

Hi all,

My DD starts daycare in 3 weeks for 3 consecutive days a week, shell be 11mths old. This will mean a big change in routine for those 3 days as we have to get up alot earlier. It's a 1.5hr drive to work and daycare from home so I'll have to leave home at 6am to be able to start at 8am.

We currently have the following routine which works great...

0700 Wake/Bottle
0800 Solids
0930 Sleep
1100 Wake/Bottle
1200 Lunch
1400 Sleep (about 1-1.5hrs)
1700 Solids
1800 Bath
1840 Bottle
1900 Bed

We now have to leave home by 6am and I don't want to wake her too early in case she then wakes early on our home days but she'll need to be fed before we leave. Unfortunately I can't pop her in the car and let her sleep on the way and feed her when we get there because she wakes as soon as you pick her up. We probably won't get home until after 6.30pm either. If she could hold her bottle or sippy cup up I'd give it to her in the car but she can't tip it back far enough unless she's lying on her pillow.

Did anyone else have similiar problem? Any ideas for new routine on those 3 daycare days? Will going back to the above routine on the days we are home just confuse her?

Hi Sandra. I am preparing for my DD to go into part time Kindy similar to your bub. I am building up to her having three 9 hour days in a row. Its not as long as your days, but I suppose we have similar problems. It totally sucks you have that long of a drive to work. I have upto 30 minute if the traffic is bad which is annoying enough.

I have a gradual plan to get DD into the routine to suit my work and kindy. The kindy ladies and a few friends said it should make the transition to leaving her a bit easier if there isn't a massive change in her routine. Its still going to be hard for both of us, but at least I feel like I am doing all I can to make it as easy as possible.

Do you have any meetings or orientation with your kindy before your DD starts? Are you gradually building up to the long days? Our Kindy gave me a good run down of the usual routine so that helped me plan the changes I needed to make. They said 3 days in a row is the perfect amount - any less can confuse them. It just means we have to be organised for the night time routine, not much time to play. At least I have the other four days at home with her so I dont' feel too guilty about it.

As for the days off, I am not going to take them as it comes. I will let her wake up naturally and give her breakfast then. Hopefully we can stick to similar morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea times - although I am not going to be too strict. We already have the dinner/bath/bed routine about the right time so that wont have to change.

I can so blabber on can't I. Anyway, I'd love to hear more about what your doing as you can never get too much advice. Best of luck Sandra.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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