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Hi there. DS is 8mths old such a happy baby. So many of my family members screw their nose up at me because i wont let DS try out sweet food etc like ice-cream. My sister has been on to since DS was 4mths saying that i should let him try chocoate milk, ice-cream etc but there is no way that i will allow it. I want my bub to be healthy and if he doesnt get a taste of sweet stuff then he wont know what he is missing out on. Also when(not very often) i get people to babysit DS i write his routine on a bit of paper, i feel awful doing this because i dont want the babysitter to think i think they r inadequate, but DS has been in a solid routine (slept thru the night) etc since he was 7wks old and he is such a hapy baby for it. I put it on paper for a few reasons 1. if he is kept in his routine (tea time, bath time, playtime, bedtime) he is happy, then therefore he wont be unsettled for babysitter, and then so that when i pick him up if its the next morning i dont have to struggle getting back into a routine. Am i being to strict?

hi, i don't think your being too strict smile i also don't let my 7.5 month old DS have any sweet stuff (esp since chocolate upsets him!) i don't want him to have too many food additives or sugar. My FIL managed to sneak a little choc and a tiny bit of orange juice once and my bub SCREAMED for hours with a sore tummy.
Plus everyone knows babies are far more settled if they can stay in their own little routine whether its what they set for themselves or you set for them. DS gets really cranky when hes all of routine so we try to stick to it as much as possible. Stick to your guns, you after all are the one that has to cope with him if hes screaming and grumpy!! And Personally if i was babysitting i would feel more at ease knowing what he needs and when smile


You are definitely not being too strict. Children aren't even suppose to have normal milk until they are atleast 1 year old. Chocolate milk would definitely be out of the question. Milk mixed with sweeteners such as chocolate can not even be regarded as normal milk intake as the body filters it all as "junk".
Also, having some experience in childrens nutrition, I can tell you orange juice is very very bad for their gums, teeth and stomach.
As for the routine thing with babysitters - having worked in childcare in the past I use to absolutely love it when parents would write their childs routine. It always made the child so much more relaxed while their parent was away - they knew what to expect, and it allowed me to stay one step ahead of them.
I don't think your being too strict, don't forget there are two basic concepts that babies understand one is love the other is trust. When they are in a routine they know what is coming next it makes the calmer and easier to handle and they don't mind the separation from you as much because then know that they are still going to wake up get fed and have a play etc.

i don't hink you are being strict i too don't want dd to have icecream etc until she can understand it i only a treat every now and then.Everybody should respect your choices and go along with it i know my parents and inlaws go with what ever we want.
As for the routine i would be greatful if i was babysitting someone elses child and they wrote their routine down it makes it easier for the babysitter. If people babysitting don't respect that find another babysitter.


Well, like everyone else, I don't think you are being to strict either. I work in childcare and am relieved when a mum brings her bub in with a routine written down. It makes it so much easier and bub is way happier. As for food - your bub your choice! As a pp said babies that age are not even meant to have normal milk let alone flavoured stuff! At 20 months my DD has still not tried flavoured milk! She has other things like ice cream & chocolate very occasionally. I agree with your thinking when you say if they don't develop the taste for sweet things then they don't think they are missing out - way healthier!
Hi there, you are the same as me with this. You are not being to strict at all, in fact I say VERY WISE! I can not believe what a friend of mine puts in her 10 month old DS mouth to eat, it makes me sick and she has no routine for him what so ever and she wonders why hes so unsetteld. They don't need all that sweet stuff and like you said, if they don't get the tast of it, they don't know what they are missing out on.
[Edited on 19/01/2009]
i don't think you are being too strict, in particular the part about the writing down the routine. if anything you are helping them out and making their job easier. if you didn't tell them his routine, your DS could be crying for his nap, and they might not realise, and be trying other things before he goes for a nap, so he could be getting distressed for no reason, iykwim.

as for not letting him try out sweet foods, if that is how you want to do it, then everyone should respect that. i have let my DS try icecream, iced chocolate drink (only a spoonful of each, just to see his reaction, and it was after he was 6 months old).

MIL yesterday wanted to give him OJ, and a piece of raw carrot to chew on!!! no way do i want him to have juice to drink, and i would rather he didn't choke on a piece of carrot thanks! he hasn't started finger foods yet, he is still on soft lumps but getting the hang of it. i am reluctant to have the inlaws babysit, cos they tend to give kids anything and everything under the sun just so they don't make a fuss.

No, you aren't. I am exactly the same with my DS although since he turned 1 I have relaxed his routine a little but he still starts his day at 7am and goes to bed at 7pm.

As for the ice-cream and sweet stuff, they don't need it. My DS tried chocolate and cake for the first time on his 1st birthday since it was a special ocassion but I haven't given it to him since. He loves his fruit and veg and only has milk and water to drink. I am not totally against him having treats later on but I believe that if they get a taste for healthy food now then they will continue to enjoy it.

My mum keeps saying that I should try with some ice-cream and sausages (obviously not together - lol) but I make up my own ice blocks for him with milk and fresh fruit and sausages are just processed meat full of fat!

It sounds like you are doing a great job so don't let anyone sway you.

No you are not. I would never give my DD ice cream or sweet things. I have seen kids who have been given sweet things and that is all they will eat now. Not good.

I have DD routine on the fridge so that anyone that is over can see what her routine is and they have no reason to not follow it.

I have exactly the same views on every subject you have mentioned. There is absolutely no need for babies to eat sweet stuff. It's just not necessary. I will be holding off for as long as I can with that stuff (hopefully forever hehe).

I was down at my Grandparents at Christmas time and they had friends over for morning tea and their friends were almost mortified that I wasn't going to give my 7 month old (at the time) a piece of cake!!! As if she needs that. I have other friends that let their kids suck on hot chips when they have them. A guy from Mum's work had a son the day after my daughter was born and they gave him home made casserole the other night! The poor little bugger was up sick all night and had terrible wind all the next day.

I also believe routine is extremely important and is definitely the recipe for a happy, well behaved baby. I have also written down the routine for the few times she has been babysat.

You are not too strict, just doing the right thing for your bubba smile

I dont think so, I think you are being a very dedicated mum and doing what is best for your baby... and besides I'm the same LOL... we have let up on the food but only did that when she turned 2 but still dont let her have lollies, sugary drinks (only has water or milk) and no to Macca's etc but when I had DD2 and was in hospital for five days I typed up her routine and 900 other instructions for MIL who only had her for a day... possibly went a bit overboard but hey she's my kid and I like her to eat well, sleep well, have her teeth cleaned twice a day etc etc.

I did feel the same though when putting her routine onto paper, its not that I think no one else is capable but if I was looking after someone elses child I'd appreciate knowing their routine.
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