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High Chair - what brand? Lock Rss

hi all! im gna buy my DD 4.5 months a high chair, can u pls let me know which u bought is it good or bad? what brand or style do u recommend?? Thank you!
We have the Steelcraft Messina & it is fantastic!! It's a hi-low chair, meaning you can adjust the height levels to what suits you, it has a removable top tray, a cup holder, removable inner seat for easy washing with cloth on one side & leather(or whatever it is) on the other. It can also recline if baby isn't sitting up properly yet. We love it - comes in nice classic colours too. We got the cream & tan one. No probs at all - would recommend it to anyone!!

I would stay away from the infe one. When bubs is little the tray is too high (makes it hard for when they are feeding themselves) and the strap between the legs is to far forward and baby slides forward all the time.
I would suggest getting one with the least amount of frills as possible because once your little one starts eating solids the food gets everywhere - weetbix sets like concrete in about 2 seconds. I have a steelcraft highchair which is easy to clean but takes up a bit of space. I highly recommend the ikea highchairs (if you're close to a store) they are easy to clean and come with a soft insert for little ones (and only cost $25).
I also have the steelcraft one. It is great! My ds is 4 months, and he loves watching and interacting with older kids. My friends bring their older kids over, and i adjust the highchair down to the same height as the kiddy table we have and he just loves it. It's easy for him to "hangout" with them (lol). But yeah, if anything - one that is easy to clean!
we have the latest love'n'care high chair - its rubbish!
just after replying to this thread, i put my baby in the highchair for her dinner and she nearly ended up on the floor!!!

she leaned forward and twisted at the same time and the harness pulled out of the back of the chair. i didn't have the tray in place - because it doesn't fit very well and poses a finger injury risk to baby - so luckily i was right there to catch her before she hit the floor.

i took it back to where we bought it and told them. they told me that the harness was fine!!!! i had a look at all of the cheaper chairs and the harnesses were all the same and i demonstrated to him just how easy it was for them to pull out. he told me that the our chair was the biggest seller and they'd never had any complaints. i then asked him how many babies needed to end up on the floor before it was considered an important enough issue to address? is one not enough??

anyway, we got our money back and bought the very expensive, but much safer peg perego chair instead. i figure that she is in it 3 or more times a day and will be for quite some time yet so its worth spending more to be safe.
ali j - That's terrible!! Lucky your bub is ok. Maybe you could also contact the manufacturer and Standards?

The Steelcraft Messina highchair is a bit pricey, but I am really happy with it. You can view it here:
We have the Berry coloured one.
[Edited on 07/03/2009]
Thanks for your suggestions, AliJ thats terrible and i would be so pissed off too.

mostly the chair i want to be safe for a baby who doesnt yet have good head control (shes almost 5 months but her head still bobbles about heaps)

i will go and check out the above selections

p.s. someone told me the Ikea is great for cleaning but doesnt have a harness??
My aunty has the ikea highchair for when the grandkids are over, and she loves it. She said it is really easy to clean.
It's a very basic highchair and doesn't take up much space at all. The only problem you might have with it is that it doesn't recline if your bubs head isn't that steady yet or have any "bells and whistles" on it if YKWIM.
But she says it's great and swears by it. Maybe you can buy the straps separately somewhere?
I was thinkoing about the straps, i will go and have a look at it first

i saw the steelcraft messina its nice, i am thinking of that one too!
I LOVE my ikea highchair. I take it outside and hose it off so no matter what mess it gets in, it is clean for the next round. I had another fancier high chair that a friend gave me, it was so cute, but I could not keep it clean. Also I found that baby sat better in the Ikea one - she slumped down in the other one. The Ikea one just has a strap that goes around their belly, but has a tray, solid sides and a plastic piece that goes between their legs, and she has never seemed like she could fall out. I can't recommend it highly enough - and only $35 - bargain.

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