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Baby factory outlets????? Lock Rss

I live in the Fairfield/ Liverpool/ Parramatta area of NSW. I have a five month old baby boy who seems to outgrow everything. does anyone know of any decent baby factory outlets? Have been to Homebush but wondering where others are.

Please help!!!

Karen, NSW, 5 month baby boy

Last year there was a big Bonds sale at Olympic Park. I can't remember if it was June or July. The baby stuff was really cheap, bonds wondersuits were $4, singlets 2 pk $2. I spent about $50 and got 2 full plastic bags. Hopefully it will be on later this year too.
Yeah Ebay is great for baby clothes. I only buy new items but there are always heaps of 'used but in good condition' for such cheap prices. Always read the sellers feedback before buying!!

Emily 25/10/05

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