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International Travel Tips? Lock Rss

I am a solo Mum who will be travelling with my baby to Fiji in May. My bubs will be 4 months old and we are holidaying for 1 week. Does anyone have any tips about flying with baby or any other tips regarding what to pack, etc. Thanx

Kerry, NZ

We just returned from a trip to the UK and it was actually much better than I thought it was going to be. My tips are -
*Make sure you organise a bassinet on the plane - your travel agent can do that for you. Even if bub wont sleep in it bubs might be happy to sit in it and play - especially while you eat. Also means you get a little more leg room which is nice. Only down side is depending on the plane it can mean you have a tv screen above so maybe a bunny rug to help block out the light?
*We bought a few new toys that our boy got on the flight. We had a couple of old favourites but brought out the new ones in times of need so that he had something to distract him for a little while.
*Make sure bubbie has a drink or dummy for take off and landing (basically something to suck on) - this helps stop their ears from hurting.
*When we packed nappies for the flight - rather than just putting a heap in a bag then the wipes in their own pack etc... we bought some of those plastic sealable bags and put one nappy, one nappy bag and then some wipes in to - so when trying to use the toilet on the plane or at the airport I didnt have to pull everything out I could just take the one plastic bag and be done with it.
That's all I can think of but will let you know if I remember anything else - Have a great time. Not sure if you have been to Fiji before but it is a fantastic place for a holiday! We loved it
Take care

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Take an extra pillow too as feeding on planes is very uncomfortable. You are allowed to sleep with Bubs on your lap as long as you strap him to your seat belt you will need the pillow for this as well. I take a thermometer and panadol when ever I go away just so I have medication that is familuar. Planes tend to be really cold so don't forget a good rug. Have lots of fun......
Hi, we travelled to the US when Isabelle was 3 months old and when she was 7 months old to visit our relatives over there. My tips are.. Panadol n thermometer are musts. And also, nose cleaner (saline, nose suction kit). As bubba do easier get stuffy nose on the plane and that would keep them up all night and cry!~ have a nice trip!
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