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Clingy baby Lock Rss

Hello. My DD is 5 months old today and in the last few weeks she has become very clingy. She very rarely cries at all but lately bawls when anyone other than mum or dad nurses her. Is this normal? I am very frustrated as I love it when other people want to nurse her but she just won't allow it.

Emily 25/10/05

Hi Lyndall!

It is just a phase that she is going through! I know it's hard - but she will grow out of it! My daughter goes in and out of phases with this....

It is frustrating at the time - however it will change...Hang in there!


Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

Broome Mum,

My daughter is 1 and still does this. She will only let me, my mum and her dad nurse her most times.

If someone she doesn't recognise gets too close she cries. However i have found that if a stranger ignores her for a bit she will slowly gravitate towards them and start playing games and laughing etc.
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