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blankeys or cuddlys? Lock Rss

My daughter is almost 5 months old and her great grandma got her a little blanket with a elephant head on it when she was born, its not very big at all they are in best and less where i live anyways ever since she was 3 months old i have had to take that thing with me everywhere she wont sleep with out it and when we go somewhere in the car she has to have it with her and when we go shopping. does anyone else have the same sort of thing going on?


Yes, it's her comfort thing. For some it's a dummy or a blankie a toy or a combination of things. Perfectly normal so don't worry.
I also have a best n less elephant blankie for my daughter (6months old), i gave it to her when she was in the unwrapping process, she would scratch herself silly so i gave her something to hold on to and that worked a treat, but now she wants it all the time, ive just gotten in the habit of grabbing it everywhere we go.

Its cute how they snuggle into the blankie though.....haha

Lana S

Lana, Baby Girl, 14/09/2005

My daughter has the same one.. was given as a gift when born.

My suggestion is buy another one! That way you can have one in the car, which you can chuck in the pram etc and one at home.

I have read that it is a positive thing for a child to have and to settle with as they have our scent on them and makes bub feel secure.

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