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Leaky night nappies Lock Rss

My 5-month old daughter is sleeping through the night and has started waking in the morning completely soaked through, like pjs, sheets, mattress protector, the works.

She’s wearing the Huggies infant nappies (for 4kg – 8kg I think) and she weighs about 6kg (yes, she’s only little). Should I try the next size up (which is from 6kg I think), or would this only make the problem worse? The leaking seems to be caused by the volume exceeding the capacity of the nappy, with the overflow coming out the top of the nappy at the back.

I don’t really want to go spending a whole lot of $$$ trying different nappies, so I’d like to hear from others.

Any ideas?
there are a few different ways to stop this - usually going up a nappy size works, but if it doesn't you will use the bigger nappies eventually so at least you aren't going to waste money giving it a go!

you could also try using a nappy liner just to catch the extra wee. does it seem to leak out the same place all the time (a particular side or at the top?) just position the nappy liner where it leaks out from the most.

coles also sells a pack of mixed day and night nappies. they are called sorbies i think. so they are more absorbent for the night time when they start sleeping through. i haven't tried them but others on here have said they are good.

I use plastic pants over the top of the disposable nappy. it doesn't always stop leaking, but stops major leaks. i tried sorbies the other night with no plastic pant, and had no leaks, so they seem to be pretty good. i have also heard of people putting two nappies on, and putting a split in the first one on, so the wee goes through to the second.

I agree, I would try the next size up.
I use BabyLove and I find them fantastic.

I have never had a problem with nappies leaking and we use huggies. I would definately try the next size up. I was using the crawler ones when my ds was just under 6 kilos as u can get them in a box and its cheaper. My hubby bought the sorbies this week as they were on special. I havent had any problems with the night ones but yesterday my ds was wet up his singlet from the day ones. So i dont rate them for the day!
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